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Emily's Passenger Train Set (HO Scale)Emily is a beautiful engine with shiny paintwork and gleaming brass fittings. Salty's Dockside Delivery (HO Scale)Salty, the Dockside Diesel, is busy moving goods at Brendam Docks. Deluxe Thomas & Friends™ Special (HO Scale)Thomas the Tank EngineTM and his coaches Annie and Clarabel have started on a magical journey across the Island of Sodor. Note: This page was begun as part of an "online catalog" listing products that were selected to make Christmas more fun for the railroader in your life. Hawthorne Village(tm) features a collection of highly collectible, quality model trains that run on HO track so they fit almost anywhere. A subscription train (or village) is not a single purchase, but a standing order to purchase each piece in the series as it becomes available. When you order a subscription train, you are billed for the first installment, and it is shipped right away, if it's been manufactured already. The installments usually come every 3 or 4 weeks, unless you happen to subscribe while the series is still being manufactured, in which case the wait for the later installments may be longer.

Some sets are so popular that the Hawthorne Village people keep making cars as long as demand stays high. As examples of high demand trains, at last count, the Winnie the Pooh train had eight cars, and the original Thomas Kinkade Christmas train had 12. This means that if you want to get a train to run at a particular holiday, you should try to subscribe at least three months before that holiday (four is better) to make certain you have enough of the train to run.
The trains come in installments, and you probably want to have as much train as possible for the holidays or any other special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays.
Every October I start hearing from frantic people wanting to get a whole subscription train right now or asking for help tracking down trains they had put off ordering until the series was closed.
In other words, if you're pretty sure you'd like one of these, you should order now to avoid disappointment. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member.
If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item.

Basically, the company takes orders for a time, then starts a manufacturing run based on how many orders they have received when they start the run, plus a few more in case of problems, etc. For the Hawthorne Village steam engine sets, such as the Thomas Kinkade Christmas set, the first issue includes the locomotive and tender (coal car).
Though I've tried hard to help everyone who has contacted me with "special circumstances," the truth is, I can't get these trains shipped from the manufacturer any faster than you can, and only a tiny percentage of these trains ever become available on the resale market at less than "scalping" prices. These have been stored for many decades but display nicely and are Guaranteed to be 100% original. That process, in turn, makes every subscription train into a "custom manufacturing job," which means you can’t just buy them at the department store like you can mass-produced trains.

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