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All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. 2014 National Train Show reportThe 2014 National Train Show was held July 18-20, 2014, in Cleveland. Bachmann HO scale Pullman 10-section, 2-bedroom, 1-drawing room 80-foot heavyweightPullman 10-section, 2-bedroom, 1-drawing room 80-foot heavyweight sleeper. Union Pacific M-10002 City of Los Angeles (1936-38) and M-10002 City of Portland (1939-41). New model trains for the week of November 26, 2015New model railroad products from Atlas, BLMA Models, Con-Cor International, and more! Burlington Northern, FGE (block lettering), Santa Fe Leasing, Union Pacific Fruit Express, and Wisconsin Central. Southern Pacific (two-tone gray circa 1954-59 and simulated stainless steel circa 1960, both without skirting) and St. You'll also find additional model railroading products in the Final NTS 2014 show report. You can also watch video highlights of the show! Die-cast metal and plastic construction, dual-mode Paragon2 sound decoder, and traction tires. Etched-metal screens, wire brake rigging, and 100-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps. Plastic and die-cast metal construction, separately applied details, removable coal load, and detailed bay interiors. Detailed underbody and brake system, separately applied details, and Kadee-compatible couplers. Louis Southwestern (Daylight scheme circa 1949-53 and Dark Olive circa 1940-48, both with skirts).
Intended to be inserted in line with one block feeder wire to provide a signal indicating a track block has current flowing in it.
Detailed cab interior, angled or standard blower ducts as appropriate, and railroad-specific cab detail.
Separately applied detail parts, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and can motor with flywheels.
Plastic and die-cast metal construction, Paragon2 dual-mode sound decoder, and factory-installed crew figures. Separately applied detail parts, metal grab irons and lift rings, and detailed trucks and underbody. Four-car sets feature powered car with five-pole skew-wound motor and three illuminated coaches with light-emitting diode interior lighting. Factory-painted and lettered brass models with detailed interiors and full-width diaphragms.
Prototype-specific details, can motor with dual flywheels, and extra front truck with coupler.

Occupied signal is low logic and can be tied to a computer input port or current limited light-emitting diode.
Includes basics on using and programming Arduino micro-controllers, controlling signals, and building a programmable fast clock.
Separately applied brake wheel, etched-metal brakewheel platform, underbody details, and optional interior and side bracing.
Prototype-specific cushioning devices and handbrakes, etched-metal running boards and uncoupling levers, and wire brake rods and air pipes. Metal stirrup steps and grab irons, rotating bearing caps on trucks, and etched-metal running boards and crossover platforms. Detailed cab interior, flat or flared radiators as appropriate, and railroad-specific cab detail. Northern Pacific (1967 as-delivered scheme and Union Pacific (1970 as-delivered or maintenance-of-way schemes). Original scheme, black lettering with herald, and black lettering with herald and white ends. Laser-cut acrylic and smoked-acrylic parts, tab-and-slot construction, detail parts, and adjustable length skywalk. Laser-cut wood, paper, plastic, and cardstock kit with siding, roofing material, resin and metal detail castings, and instruction booklet (figures and vehicles not included). Turnouts are offered with code 55, 70, 83, or 100 rail and rail-bound manganese frog or bolted-rail, bent-wing frog (frogs not available with code 100 rail). Separately applied uncoupling lever, directional golden-white light-emitting diode headlights, and painted safety rails. Etched-metal walkways, wire brake rigging, and 100-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps.
Separately applied wire grab irons, etched-metal crossover platforms, and 70-ton trucks with rotating bearing caps.
The listing for the SW1500 is the next item on the list.Electro-Motive Division SD50 diesel locomotive. Five-pole can motor with flywheels, die-cast metal chassis, RP-25 contour wheels, and prototype-specific details. Railroad-specific details, 33” metal wheelsets, and see-through etched-metal running boards. Die-cast metal chassis, metal uncoupling levers, body-mounted E-Z Mate couplers, and SoundTraxx Sound Value sound decoder. Detailed cab interior, railroad-specific details, and Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder.
New paint schemes: Landmark (Uniopolis or Washington Court House, Ohio) and Cargill Salt (three road numbers). New paint schemes: Archer Daniels Midland Corn Sweeteners, Cargill, Dow Chemical, Occidental Chemical, Rampart Range, Southern Pacific, and Univar Canada Ltd.

Tinted window glazing as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, Proto-Max couplers, metal wheelsets, and car name and number decals.
Prototype-specific details, see through etched-metal running boards and crossover platforms, 36” metal wheelsets, and 100-ton trucks.
Kit features cast-resin coal tower, office and warehouse, electrical house, and heating oil tanks.
Five-pole motor with flywheel, die-cast metal chassis with plastic boiler shell, decoder or decoder socket in tender, and RP-25 contour wheels. Limited-run 10-car Deluxe Edition train (price to be announced) with factory-printed car names and numbers, factory-installed light-emitting-diode lighting, and more than 150 Preiser figures will also be available at participating hobby shops and from the manufacturer. Features herald panels sized and positioned per prototype, detailed upper deck including prototypical crown and deck tread, die-cast metal underframe, and 70-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps.
Louis-San Francisco (Frisco), Union Pacific (North Little Rock lettering in two numbers, UPY patchout in one), and Union RR.
Detailed cab interior, Mashima can motor, railroad specific models, and Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder. Injection-molded plastic model with separately applied details, metal wheelsets, and Kadee no. Five-pole skew-wound can motor, prototype-specific details, raised B&O capitol dome herald, stainless-steel grills, and Proto-Max couplers. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, separately applied detail parts, and golden-white light-emitting diodes. Three numbers per scheme unless noted; also available undecorated with horizontal or vertical shutters. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, redesigned truck sideframes, and die-cast metal chassis. Dash 8-40C: Canadian National (red, white, and black or 15th anniversary, two road numbers per scheme) and Ferrocariles Nacionales de Mexico. Post-1971 prototype: Interstate Commodities (ex-Golden West Service), Solvay (original or Transitech repaint, two road numbers per scheme), Union Pacific (Building America scheme or with Western Pacific reporting marks). Two numbers per scheme; also available undecorated (5,111-, 5,182-, and 5,277-cubic-foot-capacity models). Car features four horse heads peeking through windows on both sides of car, positionable doors, metal wheelsets, and E-Z Mate Mark II couplers.

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