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Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) was stunned when she questioned the FBI about what would happen to American citizens who have gone overseas to fight with the Islamic State, and then try to return to the United States. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) appears on The Glenn Beck Program September 2, 2014. The Islamic State beheaded American journalist James Foley two weeks ago, and released horrific video of the act on social media.
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Generally speaking, our call screener, Keith, isn't all that great and contributes very little to the program. I think for coaches, it will boil down to either Bachmann repainting Pecos 4-wheel GVT coaches, or the possibility of them making Talyllyn coaches that they can repaint into Thomas coaches too. The CGI episodes usually use a dark-purple colored brake van that might appear a lavender hue on certain televisions, but that's all I can think of.

The Season 4 utility van prop was a dark grey color:The supposed green hue is most likely a trick of the lighting. Bachmann UK makes the (ex) Southern Railway CCT vans that are more accurate to the CCTs that appeared in the show. On Tuesday, Islamic State militants seemingly beheaded a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff. Time will tell on that matter, since a lot of people speculate Skarloey is going to be retooled into a Talyllyn model. You'll get much quicker answers asking them directly than trying to figure it out from us. I also like the slate wagons Rusty is pushing, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get them from or alternatively, if they were built yourself, how did you make them?
The Bachmann Sodor Mail Car tooling is based on a warped version of a CCT designed as an updated Sodor Mail Car by the model film crew for Magic Railroad, and was used in Season 6+. Political experts agree that a few thousand people not filling out census forms may be all it takes for the state to lose a congressional advocate in the nation’s capital.

If Minnesota were to lose a congressional seat, Bachmann’s district appears to be candidate for absorption.
I think Skarloey has exceeded my expectations and I want to do a proper review of him soon.
You can also find an old Dapol CCT on eBay at a lesser value usually.Just a personal recommendation. Bachmann has been careful to say that she’s willing to tell the census how many people live in her household, the basic information that will determine whether Minnesota keeps a congressional seat. As for the Bachmann OO9 Skarloey wagons, other members have pointed out already, but they're most often known in the classic era as the China Clay Wagons and the Fish Vans.

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