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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. The Agricultural Business Centre near the centre of town but on the opposite side of the river, Access is off the A6 south of the town. Get off bus at the number 7 on the map, go along Market Street to the river; straight across footbridges to the Agricultural Business Centre.
A nice spacious venue, good parking and a cafe that was reasonably priced helped to make this a good day out. I'm having a little trouble with my eyes just now, so I'll just post this one for the moment. It's one of the most enjoyable shows from the exhibitor's point of view too, so well done to all the organisers. I don't know whether Andy and Bill remembered to take their cameras, so, just in case, here's a snap of Radford Mill.
My question is, does anyone have any further information about this such as the date when the crossover was removed, or any other images of it in place, and secondly, there are photos of a crossover back to the down line right at the north end of the yard, was this a later addition when the one by the signalbox was removed?iirc the second connection from the yard was in always there, which is why the connection by the box could be removed.

Thanks for all your replies, sorry I haven't responded earlier, unfortunately real life got in the way a bit.
Beast, as always your information is much appreciated, have you any idea about a date for the removal of the crossover by the box? On balance though, I have found more photos from the sixties which show the turnout missing, than those which show it. Historically, it would make sense if BR removed it as they gradually ran down the use of the coal yard, which took place in the early sixties.
This made me rather suspicious as peaks were introduced in 1960 I think (well, class45's) and the crossover had gone by then.
I took the liberty of replacing the "lower quadrant" signal, which must have been baffling the 8F's driver on Saturday afternoon.
A good range of layouts with Radford Mill's procession of LMS liveried trains making it the stand out model for me.
Radford Mill was enjoyable because there were trains running much the same as Hazelbank at the DEMU.

I will try to go through properly in the next couple of days to see if I can narrow that down.
As beast says they could remove it because there would still be access from further down the down line. Sutton Junction is a lovely little layout, showing just what can be achieved in a smaller space. The advantage when it was there seems to be that you could access the goods yard and still have some traffic next to the goods shed.

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