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Thursday evening, AMC Networks announced that it had acquired a 49.9% stake in BBC America for $200 million, and would assume operational control of the channel. While many pay-TV operators are cutting back on smaller channels, there has been a move to add more independent cable news channels in recent years, as MSNBC and Fox News pick up more partisan audiences, and CNN adds more unscripted programming.
Original signed canvasses by British street artist Banksy have been sold from a stall in New York's Central Park for $60 (?38) each.The elusive artist posted a video on his website showing a man selling what appeared to be fake Banksys. The latest video was accompanied with the words, "Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases.
The UN high commissioner for refugees warns that the "global phenomenon" of refugees now requires a global response. Scottsdale, Arizona In the course of a week, one carriage flips while another plunges into a canal. The canyon-like skyscrapers of Manhattan trap heat in the summer and create dangerous wind conditions in the winter, she says, and provide little room for the horses to manoeuvre if spooked. The city clerk's office in Manhattan has never seen a day quite like this: Cheers, tears of joy and much festivity and jubilation as same sex couples in New York were able to marry legally for the first time. Just take the ferry from the southern tip of Lower Manhattan to Staten Island, where you'll find a blue-collar stronghold of Donald Trump. Even as he dominates the polls, it is worth remembering that many New Yorkers are highly embarrassed by him. Even as the GOP has moved to the right, the city has remained the home of many Rockefeller Republicans.
The Empire State Building is one of Manhattan's highest structures, standing 1,250ft (381m) tall. Explore the BBC News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Advertise with us Ad choices Copyright © 2016 BBC.
Super-storm Sandy has devastated parts of the US east coast, leading President Barack Obama to declare a "major disaster" in New York state.New York, the country's most populous city, is among the worst-hit, with floodwaters swamping the subway system, flooding low-lying streets and wiping out power.
Heavy flooding in Battery Park on the tip of Manhattan led to water gushing into the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Pedestrians walk past a submerged taxi in Brooklyn which was badly affected by the widespread flooding caused by Storm Sandy.
For those of you still wondering what the appeal to watching Fox news is amongst the “senior male” demographic?
There's definitely a part of me that gets angry because the "sexy" will always be noticed before the "brain". Of course, in the realm of "it doesn't matter what you show, but what you know" it shouldn't matter right?
I rarely watch FOX News anymore, but all but one of the women in those photos have not worked at FOX for awhile. And how many of those (one) remaining actually are reading the news, and are not just part of daytime television?
He knows that none of this is anywhere close to "A String Bikini Bottom", but even if it was, he is free to change the channel. Subscribe now for ad-free access!Register and sign in to a free LGF account before subscribing, and your ad-free access will be automatically enabled. In an Election Dominated by Misogyny, a Clinton-Warren Ticket Might Just Work “You want a running mate who can take the fight to the other side with relish,” said a Clinton veteran.
Clinton Widens Delegate Lead at Nevada Democratic Convention Hillary Clinton will maintain her comfortable Nevada delegate lead after turning out more supporters to the Nevada State Democratic Caucus than Bernie Sanders did. Unearthing the Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves wice a week or so, loaded with bodies boxed in pine, a New York City morgue truck passes through a tall chain-link gate and onto a ferry that has no paying passengers. Planned Parenthood Sues Ohio, Under Attack -TEEN VOGUE Every year, Planned Parenthood helps 2.5 million men and women receive affordable, and sometimes life saving, preventative care.
What You Need to Know About Richard Matheson When Ray Bradbury calls you one of the most important writers of the 20th century, it's safe to say you've been doing something right.
One of the Most Racially Divided States in the Country Just Passed a New Voter-ID Bill ? Missouri Republicans have been trying for a decade to enact a strict voter-ID law, and 2016 could finally be their year. For Obama, an Unexpected Legacy of Two Full Terms at War WASHINGTON — President Obama came into office seven years ago pledging to end the wars of his predecessor, George W. President Obama Talks Political Progress at Rutgers Commencement Ceremony Obama listed his suggestions "that you may find useful as you go out there and conquer the world:" 1.
The Dutch Prime Minister Is a Big Fan of Robert Caro “Every building you see here was built by Robert Moses,” Mr. Izzy Bizu - What Makes You Happy - Vevo Dscvr (Live) Izzy Bizu - What Makes You Happy - an exclusive live performance for Vevo dscvr ONES TO WATCH 2016.

Many of the pieces, estimated to be worth up to ?20,000 each, remained unsold at the end of the day. For $60 each."The video shows an unknown older man making his first sale mid-afternoon, to a woman who buys two small canvasses for her children after negotiating a 50% discount. The stall will not be there again today."In a recent interview conducted via email with New York publication the Village Voice, the guerilla artist - whose identity is still a secret - revealed the thinking behind his month-long trip to the city.
They helped build the city." says Ariel, a carriage driver who has been working in the city for 30 years. These horses weigh between 1,500 to 2,000 pounds."Marsha Himler, president of the New York State Horse Council, keeps her 20-plus horses on a 47-acre (19-hectare) farm three hours away from New York.
Elise Barcolas and her partner Jenna Glazer stood patiently in line, Elise in a magenta satin dress and Jenna in a purple floral print, hoping for a day of double firsts.
This doesn't affect anybody else's life, they have the same rights and privileges as other people."'Wedding Belles'The atmosphere in the queue was celebratory, the mood not affected by the heavy heat of a sultry July Sunday in the city.
On luxury condominiums, high-rise residential buildings, office blocks and hotels, and at some of New York's most prestigious addresses, Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, Park Avenue, the United Nations Plaza and even the ice rink in Central Park. In Staten Island, I came across Pete Schiro, whose auto-repair business has yet to rebound from the great recession.
He's been pilloried by the New York Daily News, which has turned its Trump-themed front pages into something of a tabloid art form. They have tended to back moderates like Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki, both of who campaigned as pro-choice candidates. An unprecedented 13 ft (3.9m) surge of seawater - 3 ft (90 cm) above the previous record - submerged parts of lower Manhattan. The storm has left the city's public transport crippled and 600,000 people in the New York area without power. In advance of the storm New York Governor Andrew Cuomo closed all New York City bus, subway and commuter rail services.
But I suspect (just call me crrazzyy) that there's some middle ground where a woman can dress nice AND sexy AND not show all the goods. The women's movement(s) have been fighting against this for decades by trying to teach young girls that you need more than just "pretty" but if you look at the women newscasters, all of them, not just on FOX (which, yes, is the most egregious) they are all pretty women. Their philosophy may or may not have changed, but if we're going to bash them we should at least have current information. What and who it is, how it started, and how Twitter, Facebook (yes, Facebook) and other social media played a part.
Governor of Texas Dan Patrick Gets Owned by Megyn Kelly in re: Transgender People Dan Patrick is Lieutenant Governor of Texas.
For example, NBCU has tried to gain distribution for Cloo alongside USA, and Fox tries to sell Nat Geo Wild alongside FX and Nat Geo. Banksy is in New York for a month-long residency during which he has promised a new piece of street art every day.Entitled Better Out Than In, the public art show has its own website on to which pictures and videos of the art works have been posted. Another woman from New Zealand is seen buying two of the paintings, before a man from Chicago buys four. No, not if they're getting exercise," she says - and she feels that walks in the park provide great exercise.Moreover, she says, city horses face better conditions than some other horses - like competition horses who must travel long distances and perform stressful jumps and dangerous manoeuvres. TRUMP, often spelt out in gold capital letters in a font called Stymie Bold, is ubiquitous.
Trump's rhetoric, both on immigration and more recently abortion, puts him a long way to the right of that tradition. The event was organised as part of a promotion for a new Discovery Channel documentary, Racing Extinction, which is set to air in December. Most of the flooding from super-storm Sandy appears to be in these locations.Before and afterSee a selection of views below of parts of Manhattan and New York before and after the storm. And it's not just that you won't see an average looking woman on the news, you won't see older ones either. Instead, de Blasio proposes replacing the horse-drawn carriage - which has a long history as a tourist attraction and iconic image - with a fleet of vintage electric cars.
But as well as being the place where he built his corporate and personal brand, the politics of Donald Trump can also be traced back to New York. He's also been a godsend to New York's late-night comedians.What's also been noticeable during the New York primary is his absence from the city. Now that AMC will be responsible for distributing it, it can be bundled alongside channels like AMC and IFC, as well as BBC America, in carriage negotiations.
You and I get up and have to go to work in the morning, we drive in traffic, and that's dangerous," she says.

He's tended to campaign upstate in blue-collar cities like Buffalo, rather than take the stage in his hometown.
The central reason why New York Republicans have not prospered in the post-civil rights era of American politics is because they have been deemed to be too liberal. Likewise, advertisers for some shows on Sundance Channel or AMC can now buy into the quality news programming of BBC World News as part of the same package or deal.
We keep this tradition of taking people to the lake, to give them a feel of the bond between people and horses."But it has been a long time since a horse-drawn carriage was the most efficient way to travel uptown. In this mad as hell election, much of Donald Trump's success has come from exploiting fears about Islamist terrorism and frustrations about the economy. Staten Island is the only one of New York's five boroughs where he has held an election rally. Trump knows the party has become more Barry Goldwater than Nelson Rockefeller, the last Republican who lived on Fifth Avenue to run for the presidency.Trump will win the New York primary. Make America Great Again is a slogan that resonates for voters who feel that the country has been in retreat for the past 15 years.
Evidently, the fear of protests has dissuaded him from holding them in Manhattan where he lives, in Queen's where he was born, in the Bronx where there is a large African-American and immigrant population, and Brooklyn where the politics are more left-leaning.At a GOP gala last week at a hotel on 42nd Street, which attracted a large and vocal protest outside, he had to be spirited in via a side entrance. It was a day Raymond Wapner and Peter Courmont, who have been together for 37 years, never thought they would see.
I happened to be the only journalist to watch his entry, and when I asked him what he thought of the raucous welcome from his fellow New Yorkers, he was uncharacteristically reticent.
Under the state's primary system, delegates are not apportioned on a winner-take-all basis, so he needs a lop-sided victory to increase his lead over Ted Cruz. They lined up, floral garlands around their necks, wanting to marry and be part of history. And this was his neighbourhood, just around the corner from his penthouse in Trump Tower.Many of the Republicans who attended the black-tie gala were unhappy with the choice of candidates before them, and many were openly hostile to Trump.
Trump's failure so far to fully grasp the intricacies of the delegate apportionment rules might yet prove his undoing, and contribute to him falling short of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure a first-ballot victory.
Raymond hopes it will not be long before the Federal Government also recognizes same sex marriages. I think we've got a good guy going there."You get a very different sense of Trumpism when you visit the Islamic Cultural Center in uptown Manhattan, the first mosque to be erected in the city. New York Republicans tend to be more moderate, business-orientated and less socially conservative than their cohorts in the south and Midwest. It's an understandable mistake for a political neophyte, but Trump has always claimed to be the master of the art of the deal. At the packed Friday prayers, one young worshipper came dressed in a Ralph Lauren shirt with the American flag on the front and the words UNITED STATES on the back.
Yet the national Defense of Marriage Act means same sex couples do not get the same legal recognition as heterosexual married couples. But Trump's call for the monitoring of American mosques and his proposed ban on foreign Muslims from entering the country has made them feel like outsiders in their homeland.
Fear and frustration have propelled the presidential ambitions of one its most famous sons, but not enough perhaps to take him all the way to the White House.
While same-sex married couples can file a joint tax return in New York State, and be eligible for tax breaks, they will not be able to file a joint federal tax return. Adam McKew, an Iraq war veteran, who stood outside the city clerk's office waiting to marry his partner David Lewis, believes change is in the air.
I'm Muslim, and I love America." It's not just the questioning of their patriotism and allegiance that angers so many Muslims. Same-sex marriage is a politically polarising issue; in the first debate for prospective Republican candidates for next year's presidential election, there was support for a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages.
Shantell Dorsey and Elisa Lindsey know there is little prospect of their home state, Georgia, legalising gay marriage any time soon.
A recent poll suggested that 51% of voters support the idea of temporarily shutting the door on Muslims.
So the two young African American women, who are raising four children together, came here to New York to marry.

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