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The car is a flying machine, not a stonechip not a blemish NEW, will take some new interior pics in the next few days, needless to say its perfect red mesh and grey squareweave, new rubber mats etc. Vintage Beetles don’t usually pique my interest, but certain ones, such as this example, catch my attention.
Bug defeminization continues on the inside with fewer round shapes, more creases and VW’s flat-bottom steering wheel.
Despite the lack of power adjustability, front seat comfort in the Beetle was excellent on my long commute.
Once upon a time there was no option for leather seats in the Beetle and we have now come full circle. VW’s 5-cylinder engine has received a bad rap in the press due its unusual exhaust note but I found the funky burble strangely pleasant.
The Beetle coupe uses the same torsion beam suspension as the Jetta and Golf in normal trim and a variant of the GLI’s multi-link suspension when equipped with the turbo engine.
How well the Beetle accelerates and handles is unlikely to matter to prospective convertible shoppers. The proportions are spot-on, and if I were enough of a fan of VW to buy one, I would carefully consider this car. Euro Bumpers, pre 63 indicators, US spec rear lights, pop outs, new seals throughout and top tint screen. The color combination is pleasing, the wheels are superb, the stance is just right and I can’t even imagine how peppy this thing would be with 165 horsepower. You need to change the vehicle enough to be worth the effort, meanwhile maintaining an iconic retro theme. If that sounds spendy, keep your top on, the convertible premium is higher on some of the competition. True to the retro mission you’ll find large portions of body-color-matching trim parts inside. Sadly finding a comfortable driving position took more time than I bargained for due to the bizarre recline knob. Like a number of other manufacturers, VW has been slowly killing off real cowhide in their cars.
Liking the exhaust note is important because you’ll be hearing quite a bit of it as you try to motivate 3,200 pounds of convertible. The engine also has something of a split personality, being both rough around the edges and high maintenance with its coarse sound and appetite for premium gas.

Thanks to the extra weight and a desire to maximize trunk volume, all convertible Bugs get the multi-link setup. Despite being 20% more rigid than the New Beetle convertible, there’s still plenty of body flex and a hair of cowl shake. Inevitably the position I want is in between those offered, and in too many cars pulling the lever results in crashing down to the backseat. If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate. Granted it was not very fast and the brainchild of a dictator, but it brought simple, well engineered motoring to the masses the world over.
New Bare metal paint, complete new interior, new Type 1 Raby 2165cc Engine (best of the best internals), new Rancho GBox, new brakes, new suspension. Should you not care for VW’s packaged time-travel holidays, you can order your ride a la carte. The 70s edition convertible (as tested) comes in one trim level with no options at $28,595, $5 more than a base turbo convertible. That worried me at first but VW appears to be using high quality coatings as none of the painted bits showed signs of scratching like low-mileage PT Cruisers. The fact that the recline mechanism is controlled by a knob is odd enough, but its position on the side of the seat is awkward to use. Unlike VW’s large-screen nav unit, this one stores the map data on 4GB of built-in flash memory meaning the database is smaller and less detailed. The suspension swap makes the convertible feel almost as composed as a turbo Beetle coupe on broken pavement, a notable improvement over the base coupe. This isn’t unusual for a mass market soft-top, but I had hoped for a ride more similar to the stiffer EOS hard top. Mechanicals from Proformance and VW Paradise, the car will cruise at well above modern speeds, with ease all day. Any way you order it, your bug will come with a black or beige canvas top which opens in 9 seconds while traveling up to 31 MPH. As a close relative of the Golf and Jetta the Beetle borrows heavily from the communal parts trough, however, that parts sharing doesn’t extend to automatic climate control or power seats. Compared to the latest offerings from the competition, VW’s nav system is slow, less polished and less intuitive. That doesn’t mean the convertible has any sporting aspirations however, the topless Bug has been tuned for a softer ride, more fitting for a boulevard cruiser. If your top is up, expect some occasional squeaks from where the top meets the body on broken pavement (even dealer provided testers suffered from this problem.) If the top is down, just expect a less rigid ride than you will find in the Beetle coupe.

Convertibles are all about open air motoring and style, something thee Beetle, despite all of its flaws, still has in spades. This was a significant year for the Beetle, as a larger, 1500cc engine was introduced, along with 12 volt electrics.
Working your way up the ladder, the next stop is the touchscreen audio system which adds HD Radio, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and am MP3 compatible CD reader (why is there no 1990s edition?). Instead of using a USB port like everyone else, VW still uses a short proprietary cable in the glove box, a pain if you use your cell phone as your music library.
And important consideration to maximize your funkadelic weekend and make it back to your human studies class on time.
Around that time in the 1960s, the Cal Look became popular with Beetle owners, which usually included Porsche wheels, a lowered stance and various engine and exhaust modifications. Because you can go topless at a stoplight without fear that you’ll hold up traffic when it turns green. On the bright side, the tall roofline means there’s enough headroom in the back for the average adult to sit upright. An MDI-iDevice cable comes with the bug, but if you’re not an Apple fan you have to buy the corresponding cable separately from your dealer. The Bug’s price is even right when you consider a topless Chrysler 200 starts at $27,100. This example for sale in California is an example of the Cal Look, benefitting from a recent rebuild and some tasteful modifications.
After all they continued to build and sell the same Beetle with minor tweaks for 65 years straight.
The extra length means the Bug’s side profile is no longer semi-circular, something of a loss for retro fans.
Volkswagen manages this feat by having the top drop onto the deck lid rather than going inside the trunk like most modern convertibles do. Shaking salt on the infotainment wound is a distinct lack of voice commands for your music library, something that is rapidly becoming universal.
The wider stance and crisper creases do make Herbie look meaner, but the ginormous fenders make him look fatter as well. As a chaser to VW’s revived retro-mojo, the Beetle is now offered sans-top and VW tossed us the keys to a brown-on-brown model for a week so we could get our 70s on.

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