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Once the main line for my ride on scale layout was done (See here for details), I realized I had enough room left in front of the house for a small loop of gauge one track. Due to the lack of space, I was forced to use radius one curves (60 cm radius) and switches. After the first loop was done, I decided to expand the layout by adding a second loop, on the side of the house. Hope you don't mind me splitting these posts from the original topic they were in, Richard. Two trains can pass, one train can park, cars can be switched or a locomotive can be moved from one end of the train to the other.

While this is very tight by main line standards, many industrial railroad (as well as trolley lines) have tracks with radii down to ten meters, which is only 50cm in 1:20 scale. So far I have one engine that just arrived, 9 passenger cars I got from Playmo online since they are so cheap (many to become customs), and my recent auction win that shipped out on Friday.I used to model HO scale and still have most of my stuff up in the attic. I think this is a great idea for a board and am happy to see so many train enthusiasts here. The layout I would like to do is going to be a lot smaller than any of the track layouts posted, it will be based on a simple oval of track around my western town.
I would like to reproduce as near as possible some of the images that you can find on playmo boxes, space will be the deciding factor, I'll post a box side so you can get an idea of what I want to do.

The steam up track runs along the river and will be mounted on a shelf built to look like a pier. I want to add more train cars but have only recently gotten an engine with enough power to handle the bigger load (I hope.)  Do you guys know which engine has the most pulling capacity? There will be room on the opposite shore for one or two person to sit down and work on their engines.

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