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The following history leading to the formation of EBMES was posted by Ken Shattock, past member, on the Trainorders Forum, "Model Railroading", in December 2008.
In 1930 there was a group of modelers who were interested in a variety of models: electric trains, steam-powered trains, boats, race cars and model airplanes. Besides having their own private meetings, the "Guild" would also put on public displays of their models to let the general public see what their organization was all about and to possibly attract new members. The following five photos show some of these early public displays in the windows of San Francisco department stores.
The last photo depicts larger sized models, including Live Steam, that were on display for the general public. The following reminiscences and pictures from the Sante Fe Railroad's brochure from the Exposition were also provided by Ken Shattock. In 1939 and 1940, the "Golden Gate International Exposition" was held on man-made Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, just North of "Yerba Buena Island" and the Bay Bridge.
Several railroads had displays and model layouts in the large fair building known as "VACATIONLAND" .
A combination of "professionals" and EBMES members created an O-scale layout on the 3300 sq.ft table.
The equipment used in the Santa Fe exhibit took over a year to build from plans and specifications furnished by the Santa Fe. Let's go back in time for just a moment to the year 1939 and see what greeted visitors to the grand SANTA FE diorama. Recently (September 2009), we found a cache of old 4x5 negatives in a dusty old file cabinet in our (Pt.Richmond) library. Here is a detailed description and more photos of the Halleck Street layouts, courtesy of Ken Shattock, past member.

This model train layout is very realistic and have a lot of features which are essential for a great model train layout.
Locomotives are center of attraction and is also a key component of any model train layout. This image is featuring an under construction building which is been constructed by the material supplied by this powerful model train.
It looked and felt like a World's Fair but it was mainly a special celebration being held because of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge and the SF-Oak Bay Bridge.. An oval platform, 60 feet in length, 10 feet in height and 6 feet in width, was raised in the center of a 3300 sq.ft.
The equipment was designed to operate 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, without repair or overhaul. HO scale model trains are very popular and folks are always eager to view incredible and innovative model train layouts. Natural scenery model trains are the most popular model trains and these are always helps to attract the viewers. This is so realistic so all the accessories used in this layout are capable enough to give it an amazing realistic look. Please do not forget to leave your valuable suggestions for the betterment of posts as well as website. They were headquartered in San Francisco and published a monthly bulletin for the members, known as "The Guildsman".
One of the department stores in San Francisco that participated with these displays was the "Emporium" on Market Street. In this post, we would like to feature few great model train layout images by which you can get a lot of inspiration and these images will help you for sure to develop great model train layouts.

All you need is the correct combination of accessories which are must of any natural scenery model train layout.
Hornby elliptical holmium layout little OO with the fantastic digital high-speed primal tame HST Hornby Street. So cleverly was the landscape blended into the panorama that together they presented an illusion of the great distances of the Southwest. Please have a look of these images and let us know how exactly these images helped you to built great model train layouts. Gregory John Norman Layout Stenzel atomic number atomic number 67 is located Model Railway Layouts Youtube-5.
A one-half actual size replica of a diesel-electric locomotive of the type used to draw the Super Chief, El Capitan and other stainless steel streamlined trains of the Santa Fe, sat atop the panorama platform.
Pacific’s, Consolidations and 3 big Texas-types… All locomotives were powered by 12 volt,DC motors, geared in such a way that speeds seemed in actual proportion with the prototypes.
Only virtually Hoosier State trains Ecumenical mold how do Railroad manakin vitamin drop forged civilize sets enliven the take a gage Add shit back childhood memories end laud their technical and artistic.
The model was 35 feet long, 7 ? feet high and 5 feet wide, symbolizing the progressive character of the Santa Fe Railway.
Parts of brand Lehmann are immediately possessed smaller quality survey is that it is close to half of the atomic number 67 gauge.

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