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I recently took 2 friends of mine with me to the pet store when I went to buy crickets for my pet tarantula.
When we were standing in line a nice veteran (not veterinarian) very easily convinced these 2 girls that a rat makes a much better pet.
People Who Speak a Second Language: What Have You Overheard People Saying about You When They Thought You Couldn't Understand? A gigantic, white rat was killed after being speared with a pitchfork at the Marcy Houses in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Jose Rivera, a Housing Authority worker, was clearing a rat hole last week when three of the mutants popped out, The New York Daily News reports, but he was only able to nab one. Naomi Colon, head of the Marcy Houses Tenant Association, told the News there have been sightings of the humongous rats for at least six years.
Even before the mega-rats appeared, residents say the infestation of average rats was a problem. An expert at the Wildlife Conservation Society told the News the slain monster was likely a Gambian pouched rat, and was probably an escaped or discarded pet. Importing Gambian pouched rats to the United States was banned almost a decade ago after they caused an outbreak of monkey-pox that sickened 100 people. Earlier this summer, pest control experts warned staff cuts to the Pest Control Bureau would cause a "rat epidemic" in the city. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story reported that the giant rat was killed this week, when in fact it was killed last week. A tragic tale of man infringing on his environment.Though part of me is callously disappointed these aren't 50 foot rampaging monsters.

With how big bugs are today I think that is what happened.And I know that's what happened with the sewer rats in NY.
Radiation is not the reason rats are big in New York.Also, that is a picture of a nutria, not a rat.
The excessive amount of cute puppies, birds, fish, and gerbils influenced them that it was time to fulfill there dream of having their very own pet.
They picked the most timid and pale of the litter and spent $40 on accessories to make their $1.50 rodent comfortable. Some where duped by a man selling baby chihuahas, others rescued a drowning dog in San Francisco Bay. The issue is really whether they pose a health hazard within this human-generated environment.
They were found in and around the buildings of the Nostrand-Myrtle avenue section of the property and have been seen on the playground. One resident recently described a frantic scene in which rats began scrambling across the nearby playground: "Adults had to grab children and run because a lot of rats came on the playground. No lie I've seen some the size of dogs and they're scary as hellYeah I've heard the same thing about sewer rats. In New York, they have very few natural predators, and can form large breeding pools completely unhindered, thus they develop larger than in areas with a large amount of wildlife.
While looking at Borat (thats his christened name) I remembered a story about some naive tourists who brought an overgrown sewer rat home from Mexico because they thought it was a Chihuahua. Some versions claimed that they took it to the vet for shots and the vet broke the news and others said that they came home from work only to find that their pet cat had been eaten.

A union of subway workers in New York City found an ingenious way of drawing attention to the rat problem that its members have to deal with every day.
Clearly half of the problem is people being complete morons and "freeing" their pet rats when they don't want to deal with them anymore. If they were an endangered species, many people would see their presence differently and find ways to accomodate them.
It's the same reason that animals people hunt in large numbers are much larger where people don't hunt very often. Now they're whining and complaining about rats that aren't afraid of humans and are "aggressive".
I have always called chihuahuas rats but are there really any rats that could be mistaken for a dog, or tourists that are stupid enough to confuse them? Look to the people and see what problems you can solve there then try and clean up your subways.
There was even a huge documentary on Discovery channel about giant rats if you want to look for that or rent it. Although, as I said their appearances are no where near confusing with a dog, plus rats are alike nicer than a chihuahua hahaha.

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