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This one has Dinan throttle body and air box, Dinan engine and transmission software upgrade, and custom dual exhaust.
Comparing the E36 M3 to the original E30 is not unlike setting the MkII GTI next to the MkI hot-hatch progenitor. If the condition of the car is as good as the pics make it out to be, this one seems to be really nicely priced.
Though you can find very well taken care of higher mile examples that had all the maintanence done that this will need soon soon for less a price. They already have, I was considering buying one not too long ago and the prices have gone up since a couple years ago by at least $2k.
The BMW 7 Series of 1995 through 2001 is one of those cars that was instantly immortalized once its less than pleasing successor was introduced.
The buy it now price of $14,500 is in line with market values and given the desirable color, full service history and stunning condition, I have no doubt this car will go fast. There is a good op ed piece in the Oct issue of Automobile magazine and they talk about these 7 series and older formerly expensive cars in general. The conclusion is they are nice cars but in the end they need lots of care and when you go to fix them they are still $80k cars so they are very expensive to own. Agree with Howard – just because you can afford to buy something, doesn’t mean you can afford to own it! If you purchase a car like this expecting anything other than the maintenance, repairs and expense, associated with an aging, complex German machine, then you shouldn’t be purchasing it. Buy this car because you love the design, or you lusted after them when they were new, or whatever. Any modern, electronically-controlled car will be more expensive to repair – when it needs repair.
I would make some crack about short stature or small anatomy or typical American attitude, but I’ll hold off. Oh, and in spite of having owned a string of BMWs going back to an e30 325i they know squat about the marque.

Such is life that they have the money to buy these kind of toys but don’t have the ability to appreciate them.
This is one of the reasons my older E39 was easier to live with than my newer E60 (which will soon be replaced by something that doesn’t harness me to unnecessarily expensive dealer maintenance and repairs). I haven’t seen one on the market this week, but in lieu of that here is a slightly less modified Dinan optioned X5. The monster 20″ chrome rims and 315 width tires out back hint at the trucks street, not off-road, performance. If it is in as good condition as it looks and an inspection and history checks out, that seems fair priced. While it may lack some of the rarity and old-school charm, it is, to say the least, an admirable performer with a few more modern comforts.
It really is in beautiful condition and it’s refreshing to see an E36 kept so lovingly original. Up until this point, I was a car-crazed kid who had read everything about cars I could get my hands on but had never ridden or driven a car built for performance. Not paying that money for the around the corner maintanence and paying less is a good deal. Really if you look at it the Japanese own the 90s in terms of performance cars and the prices for them. Included in this option package were the classy 18″ M parallel alloys, black shadowline trim, a stiffer suspension and a modified Steptronic transmission with a higher stall speed on the torque convertor. I think the complexity and looks of the 7 series that followed beginning for the 2002 model year will continue to put the E38 in a good light and position it as a modern day classic. The thing that irks me about BMW is not preventive maintenance or replacing things that wear out regardless of brand (water pumps) but that things that should NEVER break do. You can’t even replace a freaking battery on a modern BMW without having the on-board computer re-set and independent repair shops can’t do the work!
Handling is excellent, get 31 mph on highway, great sound system, excellent power for hwy acceleration and torque for starting.
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All are excellent drivers cars, and the E36 M3 is known to have some of the best handling characteristics ever, which is no small claim. Usually i’ve seen these with below 100k miles a couple thousand more to higher than that where before they were more around this price.
Low mileage examples are getting hard to come by, but here is 740i Sport in a sinister shade of black for sale in California.
Options, xenon headlights, sunroof, leather seats, wide screen navigation only comes on sport pkg, M steering wheels, and wheels, bluetooth, 6 disc cd changer, rear window screens, wood trim, and much more.
The same 280 bhp this 7 series makes is easily matched by any Honda or cheap car these days and the new ones do it with 2 or more times the MPG on regular gas.
Just this month there was an e46 sedan recall on the rear lamps because BMW used a wire that was too thin to ground the eletrical harness! Similar to the GTI, you throw in a market with more supply than demand and massive aftermarket options and you’ve got accessible German speed. She tossed me the keys one day and it was all I could do keep myself from running to the car with excitement. Luckily the message boards community has known about the problem for years and there is a simple DIY fix but come on, things like that shouldn’t happen. While this beautiful red coupe doesn’t have much information beyond price ($10,900 OBO) and mileage (78k), the pictures and BMW CCA listing both demonstrate an extremely well-cared for and original E36 M3.
I think it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to put it in reverse (down and to the left) and get going. Far more power than a E36 and better handling and more lightweight by far (2800lbs i believe for a FD). I finally did and that drive still remains one of my most memorable driving experiences ever. The handling, linear power from the engine at nearly any RPM, amazing seats, great transmission and the best color combo ever had me smiling from ear to ear the entire time.

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