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The loco is certainly a rare bird, as there are not many Japanese prototype modelers in the US. If the model has number plates, they will read D51### - ### representing the serial number within class. The motor is probably nothing exotic, in fact most likely virtually the same as those used on brass exported to the US market.

You may need to disassemble the loco to see what motor it has, unless Chuck can offer info on that. This makes it difficult to determine the value, which probably will be a lot less than a US prototype brass Mike.
You wouldn't have an idea of where you can by parts for KTM loco's, in particular motor brushes? There are vendors who deal in motors and parts for them and they should be able to get brushes for you.

If you do take it apart, you'll be able to assess how a DCC conversion will go, as the main issue to start with is electrically isolating the motor from the frame. It's also possible that someone who deals with fixing brass locos in general will be able to help.

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