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El Paso is quickly approaching a premier form of transportation known as the Rapid Transit System, or RTS. RTS uses modern, rubber-tire, high capacity vehicles; improved fare collection systems and controlled traffic signals to move riders more efficiently. This new system will be known as the Sun Metro Brio (read about how the name Brio came about). El Pasoans will see this innovative, faster and more effective transportation option in fall 2014 with the introduction of the Mesa corridor. To prevent fare evasion, Brio Ambassadors will be monitoring and requesting proof of payment during your trips on Brio. Marketing experts define a companya€™s brand as more than just a name, a logo, or a design. To obtain the ideal brand for the new RTS, Sun Metro hired PAVLOV, an award-winning marketing communications company. The naming process first began with a public Mass Transit Department Board working session in October 2011. The a€?ba€™ and a€?oa€™ in Brio are a graphic element that can be used to extend the identity of the RTS system. During construction, impacted businesses will remain open and ready to serve our community! In order to expedite the Brio improvements, there will be intermittent lane closures throughout the construction period. The fare for the first two corridors is expected to stay at the same price, but a fare increase may need to be implemented with the introduction of the Dyer corridor; however, nothing has been finalized. El Pasoans will see this innovative, faster and more effective transportation option in 2014 with the introduction of the Mesa corridor.
To show the Federal Transit Administration the seriousness of El Pasoa€™s commitment to RTS, Alameda will be 100 percent locally funded and is expected to cost about $35.5 million.

The long-planned Brio RTS lines will begin with the Mesa Corridor which will open next year.
The Brio stations will have clock displays showing expected bus arrivals in real-time and will also have pre-board ticketing machines. Other coming projects include development of the streetcar project ($95 million) and the addition of two new transfer centers ($10 million).
There’s double the fun with this set, as it contains two different layouts on two different levels!
Construction on Alameda is tentatively scheduled to begin in spring 2015 with completion in spring 2016. It is a gut feeling, a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumera€™s decision to use a service or product.
All Brio stations and corresponding terminals have ticket vending machines where you will first need to buy your ticket. Construction on Alameda is expected to begin in spring 2015 with completion in summer 2016. The City department is working on four Bus Rapid Transit System (RTS) lines as well as getting ready to move into a new administrative and maintenance facility. The Alameda Corridor will follow later in 2014, with the Dyer and Montana Corridors coming in 2015 and 2016, respectively. The four Brio routes will have a total cost of $140 million, nearly half of which will come from federal funding. The $38 million facility is currently under construction at 10151 Montana Avenue, west of Global Reach Drive. Three Transit Oriented Developments are in progress, at the Northgate Transfer Center, at the Far East Transfer Center, and at the Five Points Terminal. With this you can head out into the city, and be one of those busy Metro City Train drivers who never seem to stop!

The blue metro line is on the bottom, which takes the passengers through a cool blue tunnel. Sun Metro considers branding an essential element for a successful Rapid Transit System, as it helps to differentiate this high-tech service from Sun Metroa€™s traditional transit services.
After conducting an extensive survey, the community named the upcoming system the Sun Metro Brio. Sun Metro will move to the 34 acre center from its current location adjacent to the Union Depot station in downtown El Paso. On the top level the bright white train is thundering around the track, trying to get to the station on time. Ved den forhoyede plattform stasjonen kan passasjerene forbindes til metro toget pa undersiden ved a trykke pa knappen og ta heisen ned. Each Brio train set is different, with a distinct idea behind each one this means you can choose the perfect set for your child. Monday through Friday, the bus frequency will be every 10 minutes during peak (peak being 6 to 9 a.m.
The range is fantastic; going from the calming countryside with the Fun on the Farm Starter Set to the depth of the exciting safari - you could go anywhere, let your imagination set the destination. Plus a great thing about each set is that you can add to them, enhancing with simple pieces of track to extend your railway or try a bridge, or maybe even a tunnel. Each set is crafted from the finest beech wood to the highest quality, so would make a gorgeous gift for any occasion. Little kids, big Kids and even bigger adults will never grow tired of playing with a Brio Wooden Train Set.

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