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This wooden train tunnel is wonderful for any train set and adds structure and fun to every train design.
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It’s details like these that set Brio apart as the highest-quality value-for-money train set brand! Have you decided that you are fed up of using your car to get to work or to go shopping, now you have an alternative but you will need to get up early. There’s double the fun with this set, as it contains two different layouts on two different levels!

With this you can head out into the city, and be one of those busy Metro City Train drivers who never seem to stop! The blue metro line is on the bottom, which takes the passengers through a cool blue tunnel. The bright red, yellow and blue details bring this train to life and the yellow pistons attached to the wheels go up and down when your child pushes it along! Wait at the bus stop until the bright green bus comes along to take you off to the station.
On the top level the bright white train is thundering around the track, trying to get to the station on time.

When you reach your destination don’t forget to thank the driver, he got up earlier than you!

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