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Cette table circuit train en bois est une version entiA?rement nouvelle de la table de train classique. Known as the original train table maker, BRIO has been creating a high quality wooden train table. This highly comprehensive Brio wooden train table is delivered with a solid frame, a colourful plate, a railway system and many elements. The train tables are characterized by their timeless design and high quality.No less than 3 trains (including waggons) drive around the extensive rail circuit on the table.

This extremely solid Scandinavian product represents top-notch quality and is highly recommendable. Delivered in UK and Ireland with the original Brio trains as well as an indestructible frame. Also included are 3 rail fly-overs, a rail tunnel, a real station, a terminal, sign posts, a railway crossing, a harbour with a crane (which can effectively load into and unload containers from a cargo vessel!), bus, lorry, etc..
A Brio wooden train table can be placedA in stores, public places, waiting rooms and at home.

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