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Hello Baby asked me to review a product from their site and so I popped online to have a look and I have to say that they have a new fan in me.
My husband may not share my excitement at discovering Hello Baby (he’s worried about his credit card, the poor dear) but I have to say that this is one site I have genuinely been pleased to add to my bookmarks. Since the weather turned nasty and my body started to double in size, Christmas shopping has not been an attractive prospect. Hello Baby is a site which is dedicated towards babies and toddlers and there are some really great deals over there.

Brio in particular are well known for producing good quality, lasting toys and this train set is no exception. I particularly like their gift section  (are you getting this down?) and the pre-schooler books section has some really lovely titles.
It’s  a simple first train set and comes with 8 pieces of track, 2 ramp tracks, engines, 3 wagons and a fabric tunnel and house. But it was the Brio train set which Hello Baby asked me to review, and how could I turn that down, given the fact that the toddler is vehicular mad?

The tracks are a standard size so can be added to existing tracks, which is a huge bonus for us. So far, the train set has provided many hours of enjoyment and I know that will continue for  a long time yet.

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