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All the sets here are considered Brio Compatible and Thomas Train Compatible, meaning they have the same track and connector size as the most popular train sets and can all be used together. Toss in a couple of extra trains at $6 or $7 a piece to get you over the Free Shipping $25 hump and you have a nice little train gift set. Whatever you do, make sure you order at least one box of Suretrack train track clips onto your order.  Wooden tracks tend to fall apart easily, especially on an uneven surface such as a carpet or while under the attack at the hands of a child under 3. I have already bought a train set for my little one, but am getting worried because he DOESN’T run right to the train sets when we are out. After sanding the board down, I spent at least three hours coming up with the perfect configuration—something interesting that maximized the pieces we had. The original plan was to trace the tracks, drill all the holes, paint, then put the tracks back…but we quickly realized that would not work.
After everything was down tight, save for a few tracks I needed to paint under (like where the stream is), I finished the detail painting.
Also, I should note that Ikea tracks look a little different than BRIO and Thomas…they have a plastic connector. My parents always did the big gifts last, but maybe Ethan is a little too young for that tactic. Nonetheless, the project is a 100% success and I can’t wait to see ( and post pictures and video of) his reaction! I’m in the midst of building my table and bought blue and green Astroturf to add texture. Like so many toys from Brio and Schylling, this classic train set is made of solid wood to last a lifetime.
Brio toys have that amazing classic feel…yet play as well as any modern iteration out there. TR called out in the original Wooden Toy Train article do not seem to be available at most stores anymore, so I though we would highlight a couple of newer sets that fit the bill.
The Melissa And Doug Train Set offers a giant set with 128 pieces for a shockingly low price for a set this size.  Take a close look at the picture of the set for everything you get with this one.

Apparently I was nine (my brother 4) when Santa placed these tracks and trains under our Christmas tree, so my brother was probably the main user.
We wanted the board to be big enough to get a really cool configuration going, but also small enough to store under our couch. I supplemented with one box of Ikea tracks that included a viaduct and bridge risers ($9.99), plus a BRIO tunnel and some BRIO large curve track pieces, both of which I found on Ebay (BRIO is not made anymore but is all over Ebay).
I was sharing a space with kitty litter, my wedding dress (which has never been cleaned or packed up…ugh), an extra door, suitcases, and other items.
The tracks start getting strained if they are even a tiny bit off because if one is off then another will get off and so on. From underneath, we used the pilot drill to start a hole in the track while holding it down from above…just to get the screw started.
The crossing gates can be moved around (in the picture above they are just sitting on the track out of the way) as well as the little crossing signs. After adding some felt pads, we were done.
It meant I couldn’t use the super cool BRIO draw bridge and a few other awesome bridges I was so tempted to include.
That’s why we tried to do minimal damage to the track so maybe someday we’ll take them off and Ethan can create his own masterpieces! And as for the screws, I decided it was less damaging than glue…the holes are very small and the whole thing could be disassembled for free form track building in the future. I heard they were out of biz from a toy retailer in Alexandria, VA who used to carry Brio but said he could no longer get it. The Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set features a classic engine with two cars, wooden track that crosses at a bridge, wooden trees and a station, making this Brio set fun for young drivers! This is without question the kind of set that you would be able to box up and pass on to your grandkids when they are ready! With a suggested retail price of $49.99 many of the parents in our group were hesitant to say they would pick this up for their own kids. If you can handle the cost, you aren’t going to find a better starter train set anywhere.

I have yet to see a little kid under 4 not run straight for a wooden train table in a store or doctors office waiting room and love running the various trains along the tracks. Therefore, I took tons of pictures of my configuration before taking all the tracks off the board and painting. Using the larger drill bit, we made the hole slightly bigger, not going all the way through.
My maximum clearance being six inches, I made sure to count my board thickness and stay well under this number. I just know my little guy was overwhelmed by track building and the table was a better option for him. Sounds like your table it going to get more use than ours, Ethan loved it for about a week then only played with it sporadically. He LOVES the train tables at Barnes & Noble and the local kids toy store, Why Not?, so I knew this would be the perfect two year old gift. Finally, we drove a screw up through the hole and into the track while holding it down from above.
Yes, we commented on just how long it would last…yet even with that some of our parents felt that when push came to shove they would opt for a less expensive plastic model. With most toys, if you receive two of them as a gift there is not much to do besides regifting or attempting a return which can be difficult without a receipt. And since we don’t own a countersink drill bit small enough for our tiny train track screws, we did it the manual way.
An extra pair of hands is necessary for the middle tracks, gotta hold ’em down tight against the board!
We only had one spot where this happened a little, but it doesn’t seem to bother the trains at all.

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