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One of the ideas behind Brio?s wooden toys and train sets is to encourage learning and education for children, including the fostering of imagination. And of course, I have to give you options!  You can get the Lionel version in either a G-gauge or an O-gauge Polar Express train.
Brio also makes a Polar Express.  And would you also believe a wooden version of this Christmas train? Now the sets have some goodies in them, but what if you want extra track, liquid smoke, caribou or the ever-popular hot chocolate car?  Never fear, options are here!
There’s a whole world of add-ons for this magical train set.  From your favorite figures, to extra cars to dioramas, bridges and even liquid smoke! So climb on board, and get ready to visit the Polar Express train set, with all its magic.  See you at the North Pole!
I have given this Brio Circular Set to at least five different two year olds and it has always been a big hit.
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Bring the world of road and rail together in this unique parking garage with multiple levels of fun. Coal truck (unlabeled but pretty sure it belongs with the coal truck ELC) Includes two brio trains (red and yellow) Brio cargo truck.
Everything was bought new and used by two little boys occasionally so it is in quite good condition. Solid wooden construction and easy assembly - With a click in piece system, your kids will be ready to play in no time. A vast array of bridges, turntables, sheds, helicopter pads and much more for your playing pleasure. Travel back in time to the beginning of railway history with this old fashioned steam train and its passenger wagon. Crane handle turns to make the arm go up and down to collect the logs on the two carriages. The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world.

The train sets are particularly good for this as they allow children to create whole scenarios using toys with moving parts.
This means that they conduct load tests using larger pressures, and drop tests from bigger heights than of what are required by test institutes across the world.
When a friend had her second baby I sent the panda train set as a big brother present along with the baby gift. These orders will be sent by 1st Class Royal Mail, or if large or deemed to be of high value, they will be sent by Parcelforce 24. Please note that when the product is with the courier we have no control over the package - it is in their hands to deliver within the timescales they offer. For information on our returns policy please see our returns page or contact customer support. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Additionally, please note that when ordering you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. The toys themselves are made out of beech, a strong, durable wood that is perfect when you consider they are being designed for children. My older son had a few different train sets, including a battery operated tomy set, but he still loved to play with the Brio set on display at Toys R Us and at the Science museum, W-5, so for Christmas when he was three he got a number of brio train pieces. As a mother of three little boys aged two, four and six years Brio is a firm favourite in our daily routine.
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Children (or parents) can also add individual elements to the sets bringing variety to each one. I always give kids trains when I need a present for a two year old and they have never failed to please. She called me to thank me because it kept her two and a half year old busy for ages while she took care of the new baby.
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It is this quality that has made Brio one of the biggest wooden toy manufacturers around the globe. I will say a couple of the end joins have been broken off but they super glue back together.A child can very easily put the pieces together. Even though it's meant to be for 3 plus (she is 18 months) she just loves it and up to a point, knows what to do.This is the large set they do (as far as I know) and comes with it's own table and has loads of track, bridges, viaducts, a crane and sidings. The unique controller has easy to use reverse and stop functions as well as two different forward speeds. Brio toys are often good to hand down to new generations, so they are a good investment when buying toys for small children.
It also ensures that the factories where the toys are made employ socially-responsible conditions.
The company ensures that its suppliers comply with all agreements to which Brio itself is committed.
Something about how they line up and connect together, or about how you can push them all together along the track. Their most popular toy is the classic wooden railway system which was first released back in 1958 which in over 50 years has seen a significant advancement in technology yet the classic track has always stayed the same and has seen the pieces being handed down through the generations. Your childs imagination can run wild because with additional pieces they can change the trck as little and as often as they like changing the layout of the track to suit them. The table is self assembly but you get everything you need to build it (screw driver, screws, Allen Key etc.). There was a lot of wooden track pieces, including a couple of bridges and some accessories, such as trees, wooden characters and some brio wooden trains.
Maybe it is the Chugga-Chugga-Whoo-Whoo sound effects that go along with them (or Chuff-Chuff-Woo-Woo if you are a Kipper fan, and I am). My Nana had a selection of Brio train tracks that all us Grandchildren used to play with when we were all little, she has since passed these on to us to expand my little boys brio collection.

Each piece has a different end and all parts like turn table, bridge etc has the same so any piece can fit any where.The turn table is fun as you can attach three four or even five different tracks from it. As I previously mentioned these sets are very durable, and are designed to last, some of the peices my son plays mith are over 15 years old, and the bonus is that the older peices fit brilliantly with the newer sets i have bought him recently.
Build time is around half an hour, so that's not a problem either.The bridge makes different sounds as the train passes through which adds enormously to the interest. The train set come with several wooden trains but also my son's Thomas trains all fit onto the tracks. As for the train itself (there are in fact two of them), the locomotive takes batteries, has lights and makes choo-choo train sounds.
Unfortunately because of this you will find that a lot of independent toy stores feel that these prices are too high so no longer choose to stock Brio products, they would rather stock brands like bigjigs that are more affordable.Each individual piece wheter it be a building, bridge, train or piece of track is designed so that they can be connected together easily, you will find that these pieces can also be connected and be used alongside other brands such as Tesco, Bigjigs. You can buy wooden trains sets from alternative shops that aren't brio but I find they still join together fine. The set isn't just straight track pieces, It has curved parts, crooked parts for raising track, bridges, junctions and turn table. Some of the trains are a tiny bit worn to look at, but still perfectly good for playing with and no broken bits at all.
There is no set track that can be made so it's completely up to the child to design and make his track how it wants it. In some ways, she is a little young for it because occasionally she decides to lift the track, so she hasn't quite got the hang of this part yet but she does love putting the trains and carriages onto the track, and starting the engines off. Now Brio actually licenses these trains under the name Learning curves so if you purchase these you are still getting the same quality that you would assosiate with the Brio name.The Brio train systems are designed for children of three years upwards , their is a vast collection of starter sets which you can purchase to start of your Brio collection. My son has good imagination and makes big bridges and has learnt to place wooden blocks under the track to make flyovers.There are wooden signposts and wooden trees that can be placed around the track too. I love toys that can last for generations and there aren't many that can.2) It's not a gimick and it grows with children. As well as the bridges there is also a tunnel where the trains sometimes like to rest in the dark, Well that's according to my son.Each time this is played with a different track is made and different scenes take place. My son absolutely loved it from the moment he saw it and wouldnt stop playing with it but I soon found myself back online ordering some additional curved and straight tracks when he was trying to build his own track design and didnt have enough to expand, this was ok for a while but after a couple of weeks he was asking for some more track so I started to look around and decided to purchase a couple of expansion sets. It is lucky we have the space as often the train track will be running around the sofa or his entire bedroom.If you don't need to buy a whole set then different track parts can be purchased on their own, Like just a bridge or a junction. This means that it won't come in and out of fashion and isn't a toy with lots of little gimicks that children will easily tire of. Now the expansion sets are great, they include more complex pieces of track like curved crossings, additional pieces of curved track and cross track sections which allow you to expand the railway into all new directions, I also decided to purchase a couple of assending tracks and supports as this allowed him to take the track upto new heights. I can imagine my son still playing with the set when he's 10 (and he's now 2 and a half).3) There's so much mileage in it. My son really loves these pieces which allow him to take the track into new directions, all the different pieces makes this product so versatile, it allows him to let his imagination run wild and create what he wants too.One of the things that I like about the Brio train tracks are that you can purchase additional packs to expand your collection, there are so many pieces available out there. After we got the starter set, we have found that other people have bought little bits and pieces and our collection is growing. It's great for parents to play with their kids, as it's fun for adults to build elaborate train tracks. Laughing to myself now as I've just heard that very box being emptied out in his bedroom lol. Our train-set is consistently the first toy children visiting our house plump for and it is a great ice-breaker for children less familiar with each other be they boys or girls. We have a large selection of different trains, especially the Thomas the tank engine ones and they are of a very high standard, they withstand my little boys heavy hands and being knocked about and they are still in good condition, they may have a couple of scratches or chips of paint here or there but I personally feel that this shows how loved and used they are by my son. Also, you can teach and reinforce colours (by the different coloured trains) in a relevant and fun way.4) You can add to it as you go along and it doesn't have to be expensive.
I think it really does help with their imagination and helps co ordination too.I personally didn't buy this brand new as knew I'd always be adding bits to it and would become expensive. Its also a great opportunity to get down on the floor and play and interact with my son, have some one on one play time with him as we attemt to build the most complicated of layouts. I've bought lots of bits from ebay, including trains, a car wash, a mending shed, a swing bridge, etc.5) My son plays and plays and plays with it.
My son has had hours of fun and plays with it on a daily basis, Im now use to walking into the lounge, the floor being covered in track and being told by my son to stop because a trains coming.

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