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If you are looking for something quite basic to start with here is what I would recommend that you start with a simple landscape (includes grass and trees), buildings, train stations and line side equipment. What model train scenery you do decide to use will depend upon the type of track that you have as well as your budget. Making your own scenery really does depend on a number of different factors including your ability, creativity, tools available as well as the materials that are available to you. Buildings and structures that have already been made for you are quite simply ideal; they tend to be good looking and very strong.
The most important piece of scenery that you will need is of course vegetation, you can buy trees from most good model stores however ready made grass and hills will be extremely hard to find so you may have to make your own.
If you are creating the scenery for your children this can be a great activity that you can do together.

It's very important that you select the right model train scenery for your train set, the right scenery can make a simple model railway look great! Buy From Specialist Model Stores – I recommend that you always buy your model trains from specialist stores as there are often experts in these stores who can help you find the right train for you. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There is a massive range of different scenery items that you can buy ranging from trees right to houses, cars and even animals.
After buying a model train and track as well as other equipment things can start to become quite expensive.
I highly recommend that you buy buildings and structures of the highest possible quality, don't worry if you can't afford them right now as you can always develop your model train scenery over a few months.

You can buy green sand from most model stores which creates a great sand effect and hills can be created from cardboard. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Using scenery like this can be very effective and transform a dull model train set into something out of this world. There is no point spending hundreds of dollars only to decide after just a few short weeks that you don’t enjoy collecting trains.

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