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This looks amazing, I just hope they make these quite expensive so not everyone can build them easily or we end up like h1z1 or rust where after a month the whole server is full of junk and random buildings and the servers need monthly wipes to be playable.
In keeping within the goal of not buying any 'natural' materials during this model birchbark canoe building project I decided that making a Building Platform would also be made from materials I could forage. I gave some thought about what wood I could forage that would be easily worked and concluded on using 'standing dead' Norway spruce trees. I cut one down, scraped off the bark, counted the rings and tested the wood for what I had in mind - as a lumber - that once split could be useful for the building platform. For the uprights I am using hardwood tree branches that have an 'L' somewhere among it's growth, that is, a limb attached to a limb at close to 90° so that I can cut off something that will look like an 'L'.
The base of the L will be screwed down onto the building platform wherever needed so I won't need to drill holes in the platform for dowel uprights. Splitting dried out 'standing dead' Norway spruce trees does not work - unless you want to make a scale model spiral staircase.

The split twists around the entire length, just like a spiral, leaving a long balk that is pretty much useless. The township cut it up into 4 foot lengths and pushed all the logs over the side of the hill.
The width needs to be that wide to provide area for the stakes along the entire length of the gunwales.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. First, you need to get a piece of plywood about the size that you want you battle field to be.
This is a gallery of the model that I made on the Battle of Austerlitz in the Napoleonic War. Yeah, they are pretty cool and you get really good grades on them if you enter them in school competitions.

Only thing that I can think of is that maybe a couple of thwarts can come of it since spruce has a history of use in canoe making. Me being a history fan more than a sci-fi fan it caught my attention and I intend to purchase some models later. Splendid quality and they make them incollaboration with the studios that filmed the movies. By the way it was very hard to get good focused pictures of such a small object so do not complain.
Some of those 10 to 14 year old dead trees are perfectly straight and 20 + feet tall with diameters from 2 to 4 inches.

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