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I have spent many hours creating, designing and then finally making many of my model buildings from scratch using the very same PDF files I have created for others now to use if they wish. This is the Suffolk Pink Cottage and garage included in my free PC Windows program, N Gauge Model Planner. When my sons were younger, I created a smaller OO Gauge layout for them and me to enjoy, which included many of the locomotives, coaches and accessories from my own childhood layout but on a single board which could be slid under their bunk beds. Now much older but still a boy at heart I thought that I would give railway modelling another go. I have now bought a Graham Farish junior starter set to get the size required for my baseboard. So far I have built the Metcalfe PN109 N Gauge card kit red brick style station buildings and the platform kit .
My charity is Grey Olltwit Software providing free software to those on low incomes especially in the developing world. The non-railway buildings include amongst other items a Corner Pub and Semi-Detached Houses, as well as a variety of Modular Building Units. The Kestrel kits come unassembled, but are cast in different coloured plastics to allow the buildings to be used straight after assembly if required.

I've recently created some new N Gauge buildings and four of them are now available to download on Etsy. As you can see I have made more than one of some, in fact you could make a whole village with my one pack of 9 buildings.
When I was a boy I created a OO Gauge model railway layout in my bedroom on shelving one foot deep around the entire room with a removable section across the door. Not having so much space I decided that N Gauge might be better as it is roughly half the size of OO Gauge. I plan to start building the actual layout when the weather gets a bit warmer as I will be creating it in the garage on a pasting table. Available is a selection of town and country buildings, as well as railway specific items including a Signal Box and Station Buildings. I have made the plans even easier to create the models, with step by step instructions still included. My dear old Dad helped me with the shelving but I created the layout and all the added accessories myself. In the meantime I am creating some model buildings from card kits and my own scratch built creations.

Close up photos don't really do N Gauge justice as the models viewed in real size by the naked eye give a much better impression. The kits can be painted and finished to the builder's taste, and you can use any of the tools and paints in the ranges below to complete the buildings. It was a double track layout with sidings, two stations, moulded cuttings made from gyproc coving adhesive and a tunnel. Here are the photos and details of the completed models I'm adding to my n gauge model railway layout. I made many buildings from card kits, had a road system, farm and a helicopter pad with working helicopter (well the blades were motorised but it didn't fly). An example complete thatched cottage model is included which is ready to print out and build.

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