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To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Bullet Train is a western style fast pace first-person shooter about defending a train full of cargo from tons of environmentally based enemies.
Bullet Train is a fast pace first person shooter about defending a train full of cargo from creatures in the harsh desert. This is the final build of Bullet Train as it was turned into Full Sail Universities for the teams final project. We got a different grade for each of the 5 months but it hovered around a low A and high B mostly.

You earn money for killing enemies and completing bounty challenges as the train rumbles through the heavily occupied desert. Run up and down the train fighting off tumbleweed spiders and rock titans to try and keep your cargo in prime condition. At each station you reach you will be able to buy new weapons and upgrades as well as place turrets along the side of your train.
Once completing five action packed levels it becomes a game of whose the richest where your remaining money total is posted to our highscores.
You can use the turrets yourself to get right in on the action or just sit back and let your turret army take care of some of those critters for you.

This was a student project done at Full Sail University with a 2 month design and 3 month development time frame to make the game.

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