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I thank you for coming out with innovative ideas in the interest of commuters & you have taken excellent initiaves for vulnerable commuters, including reservation of seats for senior citizens in local trains. 2.Parents travelling with two children in a general compartment during morning peak hours, lady requests for a seat.
1.Passengers, except for a few good Samaritans, do not like to relinquish their seat for the needy. 3.Most of the commuters consider a seat as their right, & it overrides any social responsibility towards senior citizens & parents travelling with children.
Dear Sir, I am surprised that the plight of children-bearing commuters has escaped the attention of railways.
1.Parents commuting with children in general coach must be given a right to any seat, on demand. 2.If only a female parent is travelling with child, then the rule must preferably apply for the ladies compartment. 3.Non-compliance by commuters in vacating the seat or any misbehaviour by them including physical or verbal abuse must be dealt with rigorously dealt with.
On June 27th Seoul won’t only have a price hike for public transport but a new fare system is going to be introduced.
Subway users had to pay an additional 100 KRW for every 5 km between a distance of 10 km and 40 km. That said, Seoul still has the best mass transit system in the world for the money, hands down.
BTW Korea already has the highest stock-transaction tax in the world (tax on sale of stocks). I recommend looking elsewhere (besides income tax or stock tax) to look for missing budget revenue. Kojects is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
The new [fare collection] line [will be] the first BRT line in Michigan [that] will span three cities - including Grand Rapids, Kentwood & Wyoming - and include 33 stations.
The Rapid, formally known as the Interurban Transit Partnership, in Grand Rapids Michigan approved a contract in August for its new fare collection system for the Division Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project. This new system will be a significant step forward in fare collection technology while maintaining backward compatibility for the existing infrastructure. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Mumbai railway map is something we suggest you to download and keep it in your mobile for later use. A lady passenger boards at Dadar & tells the parents “ Please take the children in your lap. The child cannot control his leg movements beyond a particular time and his leg rubs against the shirt of a seated passenger.

Even before the train halts, the parents are pushed out & one of the child gets hit at the door. There are numerous other instances where injustice & rude behaviour is meted out to travelling parents, but go unnoticed. Aggrieved commuters must have a right to pull chain & register a complaint against errant passengers.
The new fare system includes a new calculation method for long-distance rides, free usage for elderly foreign residents and a discount for early birds.
We gave a complete overview of the increased prices here in the announcement of new public transport fares for Seoul. After public consultation and feedback the city decided to not increase the fares for them. With the new system also foreigners, who are 65 years and older and have a F-5 visa (permanent residence visa), are given the benefit to use the subway for free. We’ll observe the development and how transit users react to the fare increase as well as to the new fare system. Much better options are to fund mass transportation through things like small transactions on stock trades, taxes on incomes over USD 1,000,000 per year, etc. And even with the fare increases, the prices are still amazingly low for the quality of the system. It’s so nice now to just put a W50,000 bill in the machine once a month and be done with it.
Korea already has a graduated income tax rate, and rates themselves are very similar to the U.S. And you can recharge the T-Money card in so many places (not to mention many people can use NFC phones).
This fare collection system will service the new bus rapid transit system currently under construction for the greater Grand Rapids area. This new line, the first BRT line in Michigan, will span three cities - including Grand Rapids, Kentwood & Wyoming - and include 33 stations. Scheidt & Bachmann will be deploying the latest smart card based fare media technology. You should have boarded the ladies coach!” Passengers behave like mute spectators, however a sensible co-passenger offers his seat. A ticketless child is not a passenger & must not be seated!” Heated argument ensues & co-passengers convince the parents to vacate the seats of their children.
The father apologises, however the passenger yells “If you cannot control your child, why are you travelling?” Finally, the child is made to stand to prevent any further unpleasantries. Child cries & parents object to such unruly behaviour, but culprit co-passenger shouts “This is a daily norm. Unless laws are passed for them, it is futile to expect any social responsibility from reluctant commuters.

It will not be over-burdening to other seated commuters, if children are seated on the parent’s lap.
However, if a school student (age between 13 and 19 years) pays by cash, he has to pay the same amount as an adult.
Also it doesn’t address the evening peak time (not as bad as morning, but still pretty bad). This fare collection system will consist of 40 ticket vending machines, 40 platform validation devices, 10 handheld validation devices, and 2 point of sale devices with smartcard personalization capabilities. The system will also accept and process magnetic fare media currently in use by their legacy bus fare collection system, which the Rapid maintains on their non-BRT operations.
The company has provided complex transportation solutions for 140 years and specifically for the past 30 years in the fare collection industry. CAUSUNG REAL TROUBLE TO PASSANGER I REQUIEST RAILWAY GUARD TO OBSERVE THE TIMING ACCURATLY AS SLOPW TRAIN FROM KANDIVALI TO VASAI VIRAR FREQUENCY IS VERY LESS. Why do you travel when you have no experience of alighting ?” The parent argues & is slapped but avoids reacting, because of his family. Co-passengers have been noticed to discuss & vent their anger on the reservation rule favouring senior citizens.
Since exercising rights assumes precedence, It has now become a subject matter of compulsion or enforcement.
So until a distance of 40 km the additional charge is the same as before but as soon as you reach 50 km and more, you will experience a higher surcharge to the basic fare than before.
Early commuters are going to pay less than before the reform for all transport methods except for the yellow bus. The idea behind this concept is to reduce the amount of passengers during the morning peak hours (7 to 9 am).
My hope was that the discount would be higher or even that Seoul would offer a completely free ride. Core business activities include manufacturing, integrating, deploying, servicing and hosting Ticket Vending Machines, Fareboxes, Faregates, Validators, POS, Handheld Devices, Parking Solutions and Centralized Data Systems. Honourable Railway minister, please provide extra train for Kurta- panvel, Panvel - Kurla in peak hours. Besides a free ride, commuters who exit a station between 7:45 and 8 am receives a discount to the train fare. This system will provide significant scalability and flexibility to grow as The Rapid continues to expand both its service and breadth of fare solutions to its ridership. With 24 subsidiaries across the globe, Scheidt & Bachmann has over 2,000 employees worldwide and has an unwavering commitment to the long term success of our customers.

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