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I've given Facebook teasers about him for a long time, and I've been avoiding writing about him.
One evening as I was staring out the window in the first forward facing seats, Moustache Man plopped down in front of me in the sideways seat. Seriously, he was banned from the morning Express bus because women had complained to the driver that he was intentionally rubbing his leg against theirs during the bus rides.
Not only did he rub legs on purpose, he also got off behind the women and walked behind them until they got to their offices.
He did sit next to me months and months ago on the middle sideways seats and he did not rub his leg on mine. In the days following our botched conversation about my "music player" (WTF: Is it a Fisher Price boom box or something?) Moustache Man took on a different side. I had the good fortune of riding a SoundTransit bus from Redmond to Seattle the other morning. Gucci Fo Sho I wrote the story about Gucci and Regina (say it however you like) on Sunday; that whole scene played out last Friday.
The evening commute during Metro's Reduced Holiday Schedule week is much less fun than the morning commute. The Dead Bus - A Pictorial Have you ever been on a bus that broke down on the freeway? Our London-Style Double-Decker Buses will add the perfect touch to any special event or corporate function.

If you are on a visit to the city of Brotherly Love for a corporate meeting or even with your friends or family and want to explore the city, our London-Style Double-Decker Buses will make your trip perfect. All you will need to do is fill out an online form and we will prepare a quote customized for your needs. Buses pull out of the new Centro bus hub onto Warren Street after dropping off and picking up passengers, Thursday, November 29, 2012, around noon. Syracuse’s mayor is calling on its regional public transit system to preserve its current level of service, even as the bus service faces budget shortfalls.
He put on his sunglasses to stare at me, and while I sat peacefully listening to my "music player" I raised my middle finger to him. Your guests will ride aboard a genuine open-top double-decker bus giving them unobstructed views and and an amazing experience.
Our Double Decker Buses can be rented for special and corporate events to add that special touch. The Centro bus system is considering eliminating late night and Sunday bus service to close a large budget gap.
He's been irritating me since I first started riding the Express buses almost four years ago.
Sometimes he'd start talking to the people next to him, glancing back at me repeatedly to make me jealous.
Your guests will ride aboard an authentic open-top double-decker bus that will give an unobstructed views and a memorable experience.

Whether you are planning a special family outing in a private setting on one of our many vehicles or a large corporate function or convention, we are here to cater to all your transportation needs.
Such cuts could make it hard for low income riders without a car to get to work or make other errands. Usually I tolerate just about everyone on the bus, if not because they're pleasant, because they are entertaining.
In a letter to the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CNYRTA), which operates the Centro busses, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says reducing public transportation is an unacceptable solution to its fiscal problems. I see hundreds of people a month on the buses and 90% of the time I have no opinion one way or the other. My friend who has a very pleasant face and personality puts on her "Philly Face" in public so people won't mess with her. While I certainly understand having to manage the consequences of rising healthcare and operational costs, altering the role of public transportation in this community is an unacceptable solution for these stresses.
I also urge you to hold a meeting open to the public to discuss the proposed changes and hear firsthand the adverse effect it will have on this community.

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