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New York City Transit's Select Bus Service made its prime time debut this morning on the Bx12 line, which connects Co-op City in the Bronx with Inwood in Upper Manhattan via Fordham Road and 207th Street. Bus camera enforcement wouldn’t actually cause these cars to have moved out of the way. I agree – send in an army of tow trucks, people will change their behaviour very quickly. Although I was as angry about camera enforcement being torpedoed by Albany, I agree with the previous posts that it wouldn’t provide immediate relief from unauthorized vehicles driving and parking in bus lanes. NY1 has been running favorable coverage of the BRT launch all morning, interviewing riders that shaved significant time off their morning commute. And Bertrand, in #2 – I bet if there had been a press campaign about the busses with violation-recording cameras, a large number of people that were in the bus lane this morning would have chosen not to stop there, knowing that the ticket would be soon to follow. It is quite pathetic when the MTA’s own employees are breaking the law by parking in the bus only lane.
How quickly they forget where they came from when they depended on mass transit such as city buses to get from Point A to Point B.
Yes, most of the new (well, several years old by now) bus lanes in Paris are physically separated. The main problem I see is that in several places where it IS avoidable, +SBS buses and local Bx12 buses share the same stop.

What time was this picture taken?…remember the bus lane on W 207th St is rush hrs only.
NYC driver will do what they want, but if you ticket and TOW cars, consistently people will eventually get the message.
As one of the people that were helping customers with the new SBS Bx12 bus service today I can tell you that many customers think that the new service is a great idea. The people who run Le Mobilien say that these segments of BRT running down the middle of the boulevard are the fastest and most efficient and better than the curbside bus lanes. Sorry for my angry post earlier – I wrote it before seeing the comments taht cops were out enforcing the lanes. Montreal used to run BRT in the centre lanes IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION on a street that had a median. The reason it is valid for only one hour is likely because the time expected to be on the bus for one trip isn’t expected to be more than one hour.
Also, I’ve heard that some people feel discriminated against because those who live on the select bus service stops get better service than those who live on the local stops. Word On The Street “In all honestly, the workload frequently placed on volunteer CB members is often so large that only the retired or financially independent can put in the time without burning out. Whether it is more headroom, neon dancing poles, additional cup holders, hardwood floors, strobe lights, party lights, more bar space, or even a more pleasant bathroom odor, we have incorporated our clienta€™s needs into our limo buses, always keeping them in mind throughout our limo bus conversion process.
As we reported in March, NYCT's brand of Bus Rapid Transit lets riders prepay the fare at bus stops, resulting in quicker boarding times once the aqua blue SBS bus arrives.
Camera enforcement would merely cause a summons to be sent to these drivers at some point in the future. However, I do agree that Streetblog should aim for a higher standard of journalistic credibility than the Daily News.
I sometimes feel on Streetsblog that Manhattan’s uptown neighborhoods and the Bronx get very little mention (as opposed to midtown, downtown, and brownstone Brooklyn). There are only two solutions to get bus (and bike) lanes respected: (1) physically separate the lane from automobile traffic so that it is difficult for cars and trucks to enter it, and (2) step up enforcement so that offending vehicles are immediately ticketed and towed.
Actually, your group has been doing such a fabulous job getting Queens on the map and discussed (witness the recent and splendid Tour de Queens) that I considered yours to be a success story.
The rest of the world puts BRT in the middle of the street to avoid trucks loading and unloading, taxis, police, ambulances, utility work and turning movements. There is a rounded concrete curb to make it an obvious separation, but it’s a curb that can be driven over if need be.

Keep in mind that many of these lanes are actually tri-purpose: bus, taxi, bike, and I think that works well. IMO, for instance, at Pelham Bay Park, the Bx12 WESTBOUND SBS stop should be moved onto Bruckner Boulevard, instead of where it is now. I have pictures that can be used here if needed of +SBS buses 5735 and 5765, as well as a stop picture. Significant portions of Paris’s BRT system, Le Mobilien, runs through the middle of the street rather than running along the curb. Wouldn’t it be just as fast if the boarding pass expired after a more reasonable time period, like a year?
I ride the 12 bus contantly and it takes me the same amount of time if not more than the older service. NY Party Busa€™s duty is to provide our clients with the most lavish experience, ensuring wea€™re On -Time neatly sanitary in outstanding operational condition and showing the highest principles of generosity and professionalism. This does nothing to help the 50+ commuters stuck in traffic because of these bozo drivers. Camera-enforcement is controlled by Albany and hasn’t proven to work all that well anywhere anyhow.
You might be thinking of something like Bogota or Curitiba, but their busways are in the middle of huge boulevards, and you don’t exactly have a Queens Blvd available in Inwood.
Similarly, the Eastchester Road, Williamsbridge Road, and Fordham Plaza (WB) stops should be moved. The reason is not only because of the bus lane, but because the driver usually has to wait for people to get a receipt.
In spite of the fresh terracotta paint and new signage, the lanes on 207th Street were full of parked vehicles. As pictured after the jump, even transit supervisors were helping themselves, to the point that the NYCT employee mentioned it as a hindrance. Most people do not get the opportunity to buy the ticket ahead of time, especially if they are coming from the train.
I do, however, think that if bus lanes are enforced and the process for getting receipts is improved, this could be a way faster bus ride.

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