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The extension adds four eastbound stops and four westbound at the Metro Center.M12The new service will accommodate customers along 11th and 12th Avenues between Abington Square in the West Village and Columbus Circle, an area that has been developing rapidly. The new Q114 route will make limited stops on the Boulevard, then all local stops along Brookville Boulevard and through Woodmere, Cedarhurst, Inwood, Lawrence and Far Rockaway. The Q113 Limited will continue its limited-stop service from Jamaica through Far Rockaway, and the Q111 will continue to make all local stops from Jamaica through Rosedale.S93 service additions (begins on Sept.

2)Midday and evening service will be added to the limited-stop route that travels between Bay Ridge in Brooklyn and the College of Staten Island. 2)The Super Express concept is coming to Eltingville in Staten Island via the X21, which will travel to Midtown Manhattan along 42nd Street.

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