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PABT serves as a terminus and departure point for both commuter routes, as well as for long-distance intercity routes, and is a major transit hub for New Jerseyans. The PABT, opened in 1950 between 8th and 9th Avenues and 40th and 41st Streets, was built to consolidate the many different private terminals spread across Midtown Manhattan.
The terminal has reached peak hour capacity, leading to congestion and overflow on local streets. Once built, the building served as a nexus to consolidate several intercity bus locations serving Boston into a single central location. The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) is the main gateway for interstate buses into Manhattan in New York City.
PABT serves as a terminus and departure point for commuter routes, as well as for long-distance intercity routes, and is a major transit hub for New Jerseyans.
Before construction of the PABT, there were several terminals scattered throughout Midtown Manhattan,[7] some of which were part of hotels. The South Wing of the PABT, originally built in the International Style, occupies the block between 40th and 41st Streets and 8th and 9th Avenues and was opened on December 15, 1950.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the area in and around the PABT was considered dangerous by police, tourists, and commuters due to high crime, prostitution, vagrant behavior, and inadequate upkeep and law enforcement in the building and nearby Times Square, especially after dark, but this is no longer the case. The PANYNJ has attempted to further expand the terminal through public–private partnerships by leasing air rights over the North Wing. In June 2014 the PANYNJ received a higher price than anticipated for the sale of nearby property, $115 million versus $100 million. The Port Authority allows for limited layovers of buses, thus requiring companies to make other arrangements during off-peak hours and between trips. Various studies and news reports have concluded that there is a need for a new bus depot in Midtown.[35][36][37][38] In a joint study by NYC and PANYNJ, it was determined a preferred location for a bus depot was at Gavin Plaza located on 39th to 40th Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues. In July 2011, the PABT became home to the world's largest mediamesh, a stainless fabric embedded with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for various types of media, art, and advertising imagery. For many years there was no timetable board displaying departures at the PABT; passengers were required to inquire at information booths or ticket counters for schedules and departure gates.

Tickets can be purchased on the main level (ground floor) of the South Wing at the main ticket plaza; the former Greyhound, Trailways and ShortLine Bus ticket counters have been closed and their operations consolidated at the main ticket plaza. New Jersey Transit (NJT) maintains a customer service counter at the terminal on the south wing main level (open weekdays).[54] NJT has ticket vending machines (TVM) throughout the terminal.
There are 223 departure gates of either saw-tooth or pull-through island platforms design[1] at PABT. New York City Transit Manhattan buses, operated by New York City Bus, stop immediately outside the terminal. In the last decade, numerous jitney routes serving Hudson, Bergen and Passaic counties in Northern New Jersey originate at or in the vicinity of the bus terminal. In 2011, a controversy arose when Megabus, a long-distance carrier using double-decker buses, with the permission of the New York City Department of Transportation, began to use the streets and sidewalk at the terminal. The XBL, or exclusive bus lane, on Lincoln Tunnel Helix amid AM rush hour, leads to the PABT. It is important to check with your carrier before traveling to confirm exact pickup and drop off locations. As it does not allow for layover parking, buses are required to use local streets or lots, or return through the tunnel empty. This shift facilitated the removal of the main bus terminal at the heart of Dewey Square, a shift from the former Greyhound Bus terminal at number 10 St. New escalators would be installed to help move passengers more quickly between the gate area and the ground floor.
Many park on local streets or parking lots during the day while others make a round-trip without passengers through the Lincoln Tunnel to use facilities in New Jersey.[33] Bus layover parking on city streets is regulated by the NYDOT, which assigns locations throughout the city. In 2015 both the Port Authority and NJ Transit installed screens listing upcoming scheduled departures, though buses are not tracked so delays are not communicated via this method. Dollar vans, many operated by Spanish Transportation, to Paterson tend to use platforms on the lower level. Click on the map link next to each station name to find a map of where the station is located.

The bus station building, which was constructed in the 1990s, is a mixture of glass and metallic exterior, with mainly a red-granite stone and metallic surfaced interior. Like other significant transportation facilities, it also contains full service ticket counters and seating areas.
Colloquially called the Port Authority, the bus terminal is located in Midtown at 625 Eighth Avenue between 40th Street and 42nd Street, one block east of the Lincoln Tunnel and one block west of Times Square. As it does not allow for layover parking, buses are required to use local streets or lots, or return through the tunnel empty. Situated in isolation from the main South Station train terminal, the bus terminal is strikingly vertical in design, with five floors. Continental Trailways service also previously operated from a terminal in the Back Bay, until sometime in the 1980s. The station building, which underwent an interior remodeling in early 2007, is relatively small and nondescript, belying its importance as one of the busiest, long distance, bus-only terminals in the United States.
The PANYNJ has been unsuccessful in its attempts to expand passenger facilities through public private partnership and in 2011 delayed construction of a bus depot annex citing budgetary constraints. When you are looking to book travel, dona€™t spend time going to every bus companya€™s page. It is one of three bus terminals operated by the PANYNJ, the others being the George Washington Bridge Bus Station in Upper Manhattan and the Journal Square Transportation Center in Jersey City. Filter results based on time, price, and bus company until you find the best ticket for you. If youa€™re traveling to see friends and family, or going for work, or just taking a vacation, bustripping will find the best deal for your bus travel needs. You will arrive on time and within budget to wherever your travel needs take you. Just use our easy search option to find cheap bus tickets to dozens of cities and compare buses like GoBuses, Yo!, Washington Deluxe, Eastern, and many more.

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