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Want to see everything New York City has to offer, all while someone else shows you the way?
The landmark buildings, the myriad attractions, the varied neighborhoods: It’s no secret that deciding what to do during a visit to New York City can be daunting. If you’re a first-time visitor to New York City, this comprehensive yet flexible tour is just the thing. Part sightseeing trip, part theatrical experience, part one-of-a-kind-tell-your-friends-back-home-about-it adventure, The Ride is a whole new kind of NYC experience. No one does gossip culture better than TMZ, and New York City is a paparazzi paradise — you never know when a celeb is going to have a meltdown or get into a scuffle at some late-night dive.
Sure, New York City is pretty spectacular by day — those skyscrapers deserve all the daytime gawking they get. Just north of Central Park, Harlem beckons with its rich culture, fascinating history and delicious food. Discover more of top places to see and things to do while in New York City with our Best of New York series. Both Gray Line New York and CitySights NY are well established tour bus companies that have been providing tours for many years. The New York City bus tours can be purchased for various time limits, ranging from a couple of hours to passes that are good for multiple days.
The Downtown Loop is a great catch-all for seeing many of New York City's most popular attractions. Get a beautiful view of the city that never sleeps when you join this double-decker bus tour around New York City at night! Emergency personnel gather to assess injuries and damage following a collision between two tour buses in New York's Times Square on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.
Two double-decker tour buses collided in New York City's fabled Times Square on Tuesday, injuring 14 people, authorities said.
The accident occurred a little after 3 pm (1900 GMT) at the famous intersection of West 47th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, an area of dizzying skyscrapers, theatres, flashy billboards, and teeming with tourists near the TKTS discount Broadway ticket booth. Those hurt included at least three passengers and 11 pedestrians, a fire department spokesman said, adding that three people received serious but not life-threatening injuries. An officer from the New York Police Department inspects a shattered windshield at the scene of a collision between two tour buses in New York's Times Square on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.
Here's what happened when Abhishek Bachchan bumped into Salman Khan at Preity Zinta's wedding reception! Over the course of three days, ticket-holders can take four different Gray Line tours: Downtown, Uptown, a Night Tour and a trip to Brooklyn.

Aboard a custom-designed bus with stadium-style seating and floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll cruise past some of the city’s most iconic sites, from the Chrysler Building to Radio City Music Hall. Here’s the deal: Kenny Kramer used to live across the hall from Larry David, who created the iconic TV show.
So who better to show you the sites of some of the stars’ greatest scandals, blowups and meltdowns in NYC than TMZ’s own bus tour? Hop on a double-decker bus for an evening tour, taking you to historic Brooklyn for a photo opportunity and unforgettable views of the glittering Manhattan Skyline. Enjoy the evening views and ambiance of bustling Times Square, Chinatown, the Empire State Building, and more.
Seats are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.The tour is subject to cancellation without notice. These four-wheeled city jaunts take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and cover the highlights, so you can sit back, relax and snap away with your camera or smartphone. But the real fun is seeing the bus tour’s own actors create street theater outside, re-enacting such moments as the famed Times Square kiss between a sailor and his sweetheart at the end of World War II to break-dancing mania that happens in the middle of a busy throng. This two-and-a-half-hour romp isn’t messing around: You’ll see the club where Lindsay Lohan threw a punch, the hotel where Charlie Sheen trashed a room and the bar where Lady Gaga first turned heads. And if you want a front-row seat for this incredible light show, put this evening tour on your list. Co-sponsored by Turner Classic Movie, the TCM Classic Film Tour shows you where movie magic has happened in NYC.
I was able to hop-on and hop-off throughout the day; no need to mess with cabs or the subway. A knowledgeable tour guide will narrate the history of all the famous sights of this magnificent city for your enjoyment, so you can impress your friends back home with your new-found knowledge. Visit during the holidays and enjoy all the glittering, festive splendor for a Holiday Lights tour!
Plus, the best bus tours come with an experienced guide who will inform you about the city’s past while explicating the present. These are hop on, hop off excursions, so if you see something you want to explore by foot or feel like grabbing a meal, you can do so, and then continue the excursion at your leisure.
On this four-and-a-half-hour, mouth-watering trip, you’ll experience the real deal — from famed Grimaldi’s and its Neopolitan-style pies (you’ll get to skip the long lines here, a huge perk) to old-school, Sicilian-style pizza (deep-dish and thick-crust). It’s all led by an in-the-know guide who gives you the latest dirt and engages everyone in fun games.
In a glittering two-hour trip, you’ll start with the bright lights of Times Square (which nowadays include animated billboards and LCD screens, among other modern marvels).
You’ll see some of Harlem’s most famous landmarks, like the Apollo Theatre, the site of the original Cotton Club and the Cathedral of St.

Witness the Laser Light show at Grand Central, and even see the world famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree!
In the case of rain complimentary disposable ponchos will help to keep you dry or you are more than welcome to travel in the bottom (covered) deck of the bus.During cold weather periods, the double-decker buses have a removable canopy constructed from a clear, see-through material, allowing both warmth and complete visibility. Of course, not all bus tours are created equal, which is why we have rounded up the city’s best bus tours, along with their specialties, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. The guides know the city like the back of their hands, so you’ll get the inside story in a New York minute.
As he leads the way via escorted coach, you’ll screen classic movie clips that serve up the borough just right in hits such as Goodfellas and Saturday Night Fever.
And the real-life personality who helped spark a sensation is prepared to show you where it all happened. Then you’ll head past the majestic Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, before motoring over to Brooklyn. You’ll see legendary locations like the Empire State Building (which King Kong scaled with Fay Wray in his grip), the Manhattan Bridge (where Woody Allen and Diane Keaton fell in love on a bench nearby as the sun rose in Manhattan), even the Dakota (where Mia Farrow unwittingly gave birth to the devil’s spawn in Rosemary’s Baby).
If you love food, history and culture, this tour will satisfy you big time — we advise skipping breakfast. You’ll see Tom’s Restaurant (the diner where Jerry, Elaine and the gang hashed out daily struggles amid burgers and fries), along with many other locations made famous by the NBC series. There’s even a quick stop to get the perfect shot of the Manhattan skyline from just across the river.
And you’ll hear about how this neighborhood has seen enormous swings in artistic prosperity and hard times through the years (it’s currently having a tremendous boom).
Kenny is your on-board (and on-foot) guide, and he’s happy to answer any questions — whether they’re about what happened on the show, where it was all filmed or any personal history that didn’t make it on air. Along the way, you’ll hear fascinating tidbits and historic insight about the city that never sleeps. And a local actor is your guide, so you can be sure this tour is filled with drama, intensity and insider factoids. Then it’s off to services at a local church, where a spirited gospel choir will raise the rafters with their glorious tones. And capping off this five-and-a-half hour excursion is brunch, where authentic soul food (chicken and waffles, biscuits) is on the menu.

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