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Gray Line's New York City sightseeing tours can show you it all on board our deluxe double-decker buses and luxury motorcoaches. Before we left for New York City I spent a great deal of time researching the best ways to see the sights in New York City with two small children. The terminal itself is a short jaunt from Times Square where we picked up our tickets and our maps.
Questions About our Tours?Our Customer Service Department is always happy to answer any questions you might have. New York City bus tours are an excellent option for touring the city, as they offer tons of information and often do a thorough introduction to the most important sights.
By far, the most popular NYC bus tour is the open top double-decker which is run by several companies, including Gray Line and City Sights NY. Other Manhattan bus tour options offer a range of experiences, from luxury to romantic rides, and there are plenty that have a focus on certain topics, such as history, art, or theater, meaning you can learn about the history of Broadway before taking in some of your favorite shows. From the Manhattan bus tour to a ride through Brooklyn to an informative trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the bus tours of New York City offer a diverse selection of options, allowing visitors to create an ideally personalized tour of the city.
What better way to acquaint yourself than to take a New York City sightseeing tour with Gray Line.

Our brand new fleet of double-decker buses with unlimited hop-on, hop-off privileges allows you to experience the excitement and fun of the city. I was worried we would miss so much dealing with strollers, trains, and diaper bags and I depseratly just wanted to take it all in. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to be able to see the sights and not wear out our children completely. We decided we would try the downtown loop first, which we were told would be two hours all the way around. Still that being said, we had a lot of fun seeing New York while BabyTravels napped on my arm (so convenient). I also love guided tours because the tour guides have a lot of insight into the history of different places in the city that I wouldn’t have learned walking through on my own.
Deciding which type of NYC bus tour is simply a matter of choosing what you’d like to see in the city, and as there are plenty of special-interest tours available, it’s typically very easy to choose one to suit you. These New York City bus tours allow guests to hop on and off at various places of interest with unlimited access for a set number of hours and offer a number of types of tours, covering nearly every major area of the city, such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Uptown.
The world's most diverse and intriguing city features over 18,000 restaurants, 150 world-class museums and 10,000 stores.

I knew there was so much-too much to see so I went into the trip knowing and understanding we weren’t going to see it all. I was slightly dissappointed because the weather was not cooperating and it was freezing so we had to sit inside the bus as opposed to the top.
Often included in vacation packages, these bus tours are featured alongside helicopter tours, harbor cruises, and access to a number of popular attractions where guests can grasp some of the best views of the city. Experience the incredible architecture, including the world's best-known buildings such as the Empire State and Chrysler buildings on our New York City tours. But the interior seats were warm and stadium style, so when I wasn’t wrestling with ToddlerTravels we were able to enjoy the sights.

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