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A day tour by bus is a great way to take a short trip without worrying about directions, maps or getting lost. If you are looking for an excursion that includes the whole family, there are a variety of great trips to both Boston and New York City.
The Peter Pan charter bus departs from numerous locales in Boston, including South Station, Forest Hills and Quincy Station. Washington Deluxe provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York and Washington, DC. I missed my bus and called to get a refund and I was on hold for over 20 mins until I finally hung up. I contacted GoToBus on the same day and they said they would get back to me but hasn't even with an email reminder later this week. This driver does not stop at a rest stop but would pull over at the beginning of the NJ Turnpike for his comfort. Driver is a great guy and very professional and accommodating, however would be even better without the speech at beginning and end. Even though the weather was bad the drive get us to NY safely and at the best time he possible could.. There are several great options departing from the Springfield, Massachusetts, area with a wide range of activities.

Peter Pan Bus Lines have regular service to Foxwoods Casinos in Connecticut from multiple locations throughout the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, including Springfield. I arrived at Washington Union Station prior to departure but did not see any bus and had to arrange another bus for travel back to New York City. Although traffic is clearly not the fault of the bus driver, much of the delay was caused by the driver taking routes that were known to have traffic, such as driving into an area of d.c.
Nobody contacted me in advance, so I wait for over 1 hour with no bus arriving and spend another 30 minutes to reach out the costumer service.
Tours depart in the morning and allow you the freedom to attend an activity, with free time after the activity to spend any way you wish.
These tours fill up about a month ahead of time, with more popular shows filling up six to eight weeks in advance. In New York City, visit the Bronx Zoo, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, or shop in downtown Manhattan.
The second time, the bus was late for 20 minutes and you have to wait outside on this cold so not that convenient. Race car fans can also get their fix at the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware, with three-day, two-night packages at $449.95 per person.
The driver admitted towards the end of the trip that he did not know that you could use gps to see traffic jams or accidents.

The only negative I could say is that there is no light in the bathroom which is very uncomfortable. Anyway, for what is worth, it adds diversity and competition in this domain so it is a good.
Other than those few minor negatives, Washington Deluxe is awesome, wonderfully priced and the staff is super nice! You should replace her with someone who actually has people skills and knows how to properly communicate with other humans. I was not the only person there who noticed her rude behavior as there were others behind us who told us that they simply asked her something and she immediately yelled back.
Both of our parties were Spanish so I hope this was not a racist attack on us from your employee who was African American.

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