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The passengers of the glass-ceilinged dome car gladly join in, and on that cheerful note we steam out of Vancouver's VIA Rail station on board The Canadian on our merry way to Toronto. To start with, I greatly "relish" the five course meal that evening, where the main entree is a succulent teriyaki salmon steak with nugget potatoes and lightly sauteed veggies, and the piece de resistence is a whopping slice of dark rich chocolate cake smothered in cream.
I repair to my cozy (read "miniscule") single cabin, too replete to do anything more than flop down on my seat and watch the lights of Mission and Abbotsford flit by my window. I wake the next morning to a chiaroscuro world-immense white drifts of snow like giant whipped eclairs and a flannel grey sky. One of the joys of rail travel is chatting to people from all corners of the globe, and on this trip, the passengers include several tour groups, including a boisterous lot of seniors from the southern States who are bound for Jasper. The days unfold in leisurely fashion-brilliant winter sunrises and a couple of clear star-spangled nights. Winnipeg ("Winterpeg") where we have a change of cabin crew, is at Mile 0 and marks the mid point of our journey. From the Silver & Blue dome car, the train is a steel-grey caterpillar, winding past small Ontario towns and lake-side holiday cottages roofed with thick slabs of snow. In every journey there comes an "aaah!" moment of sheer delight and for me this was on my return trip to Vancouver. Travel Writers' Tales is an independent travel article syndicate that offers professionally written travel articles to newspaper editors and publishers.
All material used by Travel Writers' Tales is with the permission of the writers and photographers who, under national and international copyright law, retain the sole and exclusive rights to their work. Over the past 20 years, we've created thousands of train vacations across Canada for travelers from all over the world. Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail operate passenger trains along Canadian Pacific Railway routes in the Canadian Rockies and across Canada. The luxury Rocky Mountaineer day touring train operates along three major routes in the Canadian Rockies, with overnight stops in cities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. VIA Rail rekindles the classic rail experience with overnight journeys aboard private sleeper cabins. Most travel companies would prefer you book your vacation with them, and truthfully, that you not bother them at all. Our CEO and co-founder of Fresh Tracks Canada, the company behind Canadian Train Vacations, helps to personally select and train each new employee. We hate spam and promise never to sell, rent or let your email address stay up past its bedtime watching Canada travel documentaries. Kids and adults alike will love the outdoor adventure and thrill of walking through the series of tunnels, emerging on the other side to spectacular Canadian scenery.
This section, along the rugged and picturesque Coquilhalla Canyon, is said to one of the most expensive railways ever built in the world. The tracks have been removed and the old rail-bed is now a part of the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park.
There's a total of 5 tunnels that make up the Othello Tunnels with bridges spanning between them. The tunnels are about a 10 - 15 minute walk from the parking lot along the heavily treed banks of the Coquihalla River. When travelling away from Vancouver, BC, turn into the town of Hope and take the Kawkawa Lake Road for about 4 km. Note: Much to the disappointment of travellers, the walking trail is closed during the winter due to frequent rock slides and slippery conditions. Let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime and discover the breathtaking beauty of Canada.
Traveling by rail across Canada on the Trans Canadian train may not always be the fastest way to get from point A to point B; but it can be the best way to see the beauty of Canada.

Providing a relaxing railway journey is what Canada-Pacific's Royal Canadian Pacific service is all about.
The Royal Canadian Pacific is a different and more luxurious way to travel by rail, even compared against other Canadian and other passenger rail services. Stops are made along the way in places of Canadian historical and cultural interest as well as natural attractions across Canada. Canadian Train Vacations can help you book a journey through the Canadian Rockies on the Royal Canadian Pacific Train. If your Canadian train vacation plans don't coincide with the Royal Canadian Pacific Train service, don't despair.
Begin your journey and cover any questions you have on a chat with one of our friendly local insiders. Read more about Our Team of knowledgeable Canadian experts who take care of all your travel details. It will be four days and three nights before we get there, and for a train-travel junkie like me, I know I will relish every moment. As I find out, this is typical of the gourmet cuisine served up in style in the Silver & Blue dining car - a hearty breakfast each morning, and a choice between two entrees on the lunch and dinner menus. Talcum dusted evergreens crowd close to the track, and when they fall away, they reveal river beds covered in snowy quilts which lie between fat pillow-like embankments. My luncheon companions, Elaine and Robert are travelling to Ontario; they hail from Yorkshire, and are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary in the appropriately named Silver & Blue class. In the privacy of my cocoon-like cabin I read, listen to my CD player or make notes on my laptop.
Pearl-grey snow fields merge into the same shade of sky, grain silos rear against the horizon and weathered barns sit hunched like brown gnomes. According to a sign near the railway platform it is -23o and not surprisingly, a trickle of water that I notice seeping from under my compartment freezes in a matter of seconds! Too cold here for icicles, but when the sun emerges, it catches the lame glitter of ice-flecks in the banks along the track.
We offer independent advice on trains, routes and classes of service, taking care of all the details along the way, including hotels, connections, and activities.
The day touring experience ensures that passengers do not miss a minute of the stunning scenery, while overnight stops allow visitors to experience some of Canada’s most charming mountain cities and towns.
The extensive rail network takes passengers along the West Coast of Canada, across the country, up to the polar bear capital of Churchill, Manitoba, and along scenic routes throughout Quebec and the Maritime regions. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get more of everything there is to love about this great country into your inbox. See the towering landscapes of the Canadian Rockies roll past your window, or soak up the incredible changing scenery of the prairies and countryside of Eastern Canada and the Maritimes on a cross-country trip. Our approach to vacation planning is completely different – we believe the best vacations start with a friendly chat.
Every member of the team has expert knowledge and knows Canada intimately, because knowing Canada better than any other travel company is a major part of our mission. We guarantee that when you talk to us, you will discover the difference that passion, knowledge and attention to detail can make to your vacation in Canada. Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter and get more of everything there is to love about this great country delivered right to your inbox.
These tunnels were a part of the former Kettle Valley Railway which ran a rail-line through southern British Columbia. This park, accessible from the Coquihalla Highway and from the town of Hope, BC, is a perfect rest area to stretch your legs. There are spectacular viewing points both before and after the tunnels but the most stunning view points of the canyons from the connecting bridges.

When heading south on Highway #5 (towards Vancouver, BC), take the turn-off on Othello Road and continue south for about 4 kilometers.
The turn off to the Othello Tunnels is unassuming but this walk back in time is an unforgettable experience. When you fly on vacation, you do just that – you get where you're going in a hurry but you don't get a chance to truly experience the place you're visiting. RCP is a luxury passenger service which sets the gold standard for rail travel across Canada. Consisting of eight luxury class passenger rail cars built between the two World Wars and restored to their original condition, the Royal Canadian Pacific travels between Calgary, Alberta and British Columbia. On the Royal Canadian Pacific Train, you'll see Crowsnest Pass, the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, Banff National Park and other points of interest in the Canadian west.
The railroad line operates only a few train trips each year in the mid to late summer, so advance bookings for your Canadian train trips and vacation are recommended. There are many other fantastic Canada train tours to choose from; you can even plan your very own custom tour of Canada by rail for your vacation!
At breakfast we watch the panorama of the Rockies unfold layer upon layer, the mountain peaks encircled with scarves of mist. When I feel like stretching my legs I lurch my way against the sway of the train, to the Skyline Car where kids play board games and cards and adults socialize at the bar or congregate for bingo sessions in the afternoons and after-dinner movies. Little frozen wavelets mark the course of rivers and lakes, and I catch glimpses of animal tracks from time to time-small hoof imprints, or larger paw-like impressions-as well as the criss-cross of sled and ski tracks. Nineteen routes across the country make for almost limitless exploration to Canada’s farthest reaches. From the moment you board the train to all of the details along the way, the train is an experience. This section of the railway was decommissioned in 1959 and is one of the most picturesque rail trails in Canada. Canadian train tours on the Trans Canadian train and vacation packages across Canada are the antidote to crowded airports, crowded planes and rushing about in general. One of the best things about taking a vacation in Canada by train is watching the landscape roll past while being soothed by the sounds of the train making its way to your destination. The route of this train passes through the Canadian Rockies and offers one of the best ways to appreciate the dramatic landscapes of Canada and of this Canadian mountain range. Brilliantly illuminated by a full moon, the river unfurled like a bolt of shimmering satin, or swirled froth-laced over rocky outcrops. Kids and adults alike will love the adventure of walking through the series of tunnels, emerging on the other side to spectacular Canadian scenery. Forget about all the horror movies that you've seen otherwise the darkness may creep some people out.
Canada is a vast country with a lot to see; it only makes sense on your Canadian vacation to take a little time and take in the scenery along the way, including the Canadian Rockies. The Royal Canadian Pacific railroad service takes passengers on a six day, five night trip through the mountains, only traveling on the train by daylight to prevent passengers from missing any of the breathtaking Canadian alpine scenery while you are traveling across Canada.
Then, as we approached Hell's Gate, it raged into the chasm, leaping and spitting like a wild animal straining at the leash. The train offers five star quality accommodations, dining and service; the Royal Canadian Pacific provides passengers on the train with the amenities and comfort of a world class hotel while delivering the sights of the Canadian Rockies.
A hundred kilometers later, the Fraser Valley opened up, and the river ran smoothly once again, a splintered moon reflected in its waters.

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