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The Olympic Dreams project originally started when James was studying photography in the city. What started as a photographic exercise at a car boot sale turned into a long term project. James (pictured) is exhibiting his work alongside 11 other Sheffield photographers at the Bank Street art gallery in Sheffield throughout August 2010. I am very lucky for two reasons: my brother lives in London, and I do not live far from Doncaster, which has great rail links to London.
Keeps it simple and means I get to soak up a good dose of the London atmosphere - which to be honest, I enjoy far more than sightseeing! After a wander filled with plenty of 'oohs' and 'aahs' at the views, we arrived at The Tate.

After this we walked back to the Cathedral and up to one of my brother's favourite bars in London, Madison. After more view appreciation we sat and caught up over a glass of prosecco, marvelling at the wonder that is London. Thank you very much for leaving a comment, I love reading them and will be sure to check out your blog too! Olympic Dreams is a series of photographs which feature swimmers and divers at Ponds Forge. The project has gathered momentum and the photos will feature in a book, self-funded by James. The photographer is always on the look out for picture frames that he can use to display his images when exhibiting them.

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