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After a market repudiation like that, and the same thing happening to Toyota three years later, I don’t see what they would expect to happen differently next time.
The big three trucks are so improved that there’s no longer room to leapfrog them like that again. Lovely they are, but in the 335d at least they tend to choke on our low-Cetane diesel available in the States.
Titan has been out since 04 and has been largely unchanged except for freshening of the interior and improvements. I tow my diesel sedan (that gets 30 mpg) with it because I like to make people like you red in the face. I’m OK with people taking their kids to school in an M1 Abrams if it suits their fancy. This Nissan engine likely has similar plans, as it will not have the pulling power of the Detroit offerings. If Nissan can keep the price down (which will be difficult) and the fuel economy up (which should be easy), I could see this being a good alternative to the HD gas powered trucks.

Exact power figures have yet to be released but the Indiana-built powertrain should put out over 300 horsepower and over 500 lb-ft of torque. Mine has been in for walnut blasting twice in 20k miles (once for a stuck swirl flap, once for a terrible choice in fuel), both taken care of under warranty. Due to the low lubricity and cetane found in US diesel, I use the best diesel additive I can find (Optilube) in every tank on both the 335d and the VW JSW tdi. But, my guess is Nissan kept the engines out of the deal, and ram of course went in house for the 3.0v6. Or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S like the bloke that lives in front of my unit (the thing sounds and looks baller). It reversed intake and exhaust ports in the cylinder heads for turbo efficiency with a single turbo nestled in the V. While the Ram 1500 is the first half-ton pickup to offer a diesel engine, it comes in the form of a 3.0L V6.
At any rate, with that much displacement (and two turbos), each individual turbo shouldn’t have to do a tremendous amount of work.

The test mule I saw was in a Buick Rainier, but the Chief Engineer told me that it was intended for larger trucks and SUVs, but not for heavy duty use, as the 6.6L Duramax. 1st year problems combined with Nissan penny pinching weren’t kind to that truck either.
I am sure fuel consumption will be better than the 13-15 mpg this truck is getting right now. Unless the VM Motori Ram v6 diesel engine is a failure ( I sure hope not) the RAM is the way to go for fuel economy when it comes to trucks.

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