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My opinion: If it were rear wheel drive, I would love it because of its weird looks, and gangster soul. Can you believe that brand new from GM this bare cylinder head was only slightly over $200? While doing a little spring cleaning recently, I began to realize that I had amassed a massive quantity of extra wheels and tires for the 1989 Dodge truck I have. While cruising the streets of the world wide web, I landed deep within the pages of a great thread in a motivemag forum. If you have a half million dollars in your pocket, you can be the opening bidder on a lot of 550 classic cars located at a family owned towing and storage lot in Apache Junction, AZ and listed for sale on Ebay right now. The GMC Apache is no newer than 1957; 1958 was the first year that GM went to quad headlamps on almost every vehicle that they made including (sadly) the pickups.
Aside from that open top Impala and the Chevy pickup, I see mostly boring cars which are not worth restoring. Agreed parts will not be fun, but if you have the coin to buy these, you can afford to have things custom fabricated or machined as need be. I agree that some of those parts are quite valueable, but we’re talking 550 cars strewn about several acres.
From what I can see, most of these cars don’t have rust of the terminal variety in the places that I know to look for it, based on 56 years spent just north of Buffalo, NY. I am for sure not foolish enough to sit here on the internet and pronounce a numerical value for the lot, based on three photographs taken from the bucket of a high-lift.
As an added bonus, there’s probably $500,000 worth of rattle snake venom hiding in those cars.
In the late 1990s, a weekly police drama entitled Nash Bridges revived the struggling career of former Miami Vice star Don Johnson. Nash Bridges #1, for example, began life as a 1970 ‘Cuda convertible with a 340 V-8 and a four-speed manual transmission.

Texas Classic Cars of Dallas has it for sale on eBay, and the car comes complete with plenty of documentation to verify its back story and authenticity.
There are many cool electric motorcycles out there (this one is pretty badass, and this one is cool too), but none are quite as cool as this one. They had a firm ride, handled alright, and even had a cool winter driving mode that made driving in the snow slightly less scary.
However, being front wheel drive with the worst weight distribution in history, I am leaning on the hate meter for this one.
If you combine the number of tires (18), with the number of wheels (17), you can imagine just how much space this takes up.
It had some outstanding photos of old car wrecks in it.  Once you get passed the whole human aspect of it, it is truly amazing to see.
According to the ad, the business has been in operation since the 1960s and the lot is filled with cars from the 1940s through the 1980s, approximately 97% of which are complete with motors, transmissions and body parts.
Each week, viewers would tune in to watch the antics of wisecracking San Francisco Inspector Nash Bridges (Johnson) and his long-suffering partner, Joe Dominguez (played by Cheech Marin). Allegedly a 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda convertible, numerous Barracuda variants were used throughout the filming of the series, but none ever really packed a Hemi V-8 beneath its hood. For filming, the car was converted back from an automatic to a four-speed stick, fitted with a higher-output 360 V-8 and updated with 1971 ‘Cuda bodywork and a Shaker hood scoop to simulate a Hemi-equipped ‘Cuda. During the second resoration, the 360 V-8 was swapped out for a 426 Hemi crate engine, which may or may not have a negative impact on the car’s collectibility, but will certainly make it more fun to drive to Cars and Coffee. It’s even got passenger-side camera mounts and camera cables in place, and comes with the same purposely-misspelled “Califorina” license plate used in filming. That’s not even enough to cover the cost of a restoration, let alone account for the car’s historical value. These cars are sporty enough to get the girl and affordable enough so you can take her back home to something better than a shack.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Although I don’t feel like it had any business being part of the Cadillac brand, it did have a lot of things going for it. Even if most of them still have their drivetrains intact- I bet many of the ancillary parts have been picked clean. If you want it, we’re guessing that it will take a bid in the low six figures to call it your own.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The thing about american cars is that- the drivetrain is actually the easiest part to replace. The little interior and exterior parts are the ones which are impossible to find if missing.
OT with a promise from a seller somewhere overseas in another country since I know for a fact. I see a lot of imports do crazy prices and get sold and then being relisted a week later :-). Im selling it as a driver but looks at lot better then that in combination with a very clean interior that only needs a minor detail.
I also have some hilux 4x4 crewcabs diesels and other non US compliant in my European warehouse. We charge salestax to florida customers and out of state customers who want to drive there vehicle home.

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