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You don’t need us to tell you that in the 1970s Italian cars had a reputation for early rusting – the Montecarlo was no exception. The engine is Fiat’s much-respected 2-litre twin-cam, which shares its block with other Betas, but not much else: heads, camshafts and distributors are different. The camshaft belt must be changed every 30,000 miles or earlier, so check when it was last done. A lot of engine noise gets into the cabin because the unit is mounted just behind the seats, which won’t suit everybody.
The Series 1 cars had a bizarre braking arrangement with a vacuum servo that operated on the front wheels only. The dashboard is disappointing, as it’s all plastic with generic Fiat group elements – not what you might expect in a car like the Montecarlo. Buy a Montecarlo for its sharp handling and balance, coupled to good, though not exceptional, performance. The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list.
This is a very rare, factory LHD example presented in the absolutely exquisite colour combination of Light Smoke Grey with Black Hide and matching Grey Carpets.
Upon taking delivery of this timeless classic, we carried out a full inspection and listed all work needed to undertake a sympathetic refurbishment. Along with the usual detailing and parts replacement etc, this work includes a complete engine re-build by our own, world renowned technicians.

Benefiting from a re-trim, appearance is further enhanced by solid & attractive bodywork.
The result is a very rare, LHD, classic Aston Martin that is sure to give enormous pleasure for generations to come. The DB2 was Aston Martin's best selling model to date, but the economic climate for a two-seater car at this price was limited, so Aston Martin began work on making changes to the car.
Removing the cross-bracing above the rear axle had allowed space for two rear seats to be fitted and a lift-up rear door (which today we would call a hatchback) for access to the luggage space. Further revisions to the body included separate bumpers - the DB2 had a chrome rubbing strips - and a single piece windscreen. 1952 Aston Martin DB 2, Mille Miglia EligibleWe just added to our collection a great looking LEFT HAND DRIVE Aston Martin DB2.
They didn’t arrive in the UK until 1977, and then only briefly because early models had ‘issues’ – mainly with the brakes – and Lancia took the car off the market to redesign it. It’s most noticeable in the tops of the front wings, at their lower edges where they meet the bumper, in the bottoms of the door skins, and around air intake grilles. Look for oil leaks from the back of the engine (it’s transverse, remember) where the block and head meet. With the engine weight behind the cabin, it’s no surprise they suffered from premature front brake lock-up. Any imprecision in the selection of gears will probably be caused by worn bushes in the linkage.

It came back as a Series 2 model (now called Lancia Montecarlo) in 1980 and was still being sold into 1983, although production ended in 1981.
If the oil pressure gauge gives a worryingly low reading, there’s a good chance that the relief valve has stuck, but make sure of this diagnosis before opening your wallet to buy. The vinyl seems to suffer most and is prone to split seams (so some owners have re-upholstered them in leather).
Look under the back of the car to check the state of the rear crossmember; more robust aftermarket replacements are available. Specialists can offer a variety of remedies which can give the car the brakes it always deserved. The Series 2 models had a revised system with larger discs, wider tyres on bigger wheels, and an anti-roll bar at the front only.
The Spyder models have a flexible, targa-like roof panel which rolls up for stowage in a cavity within the rollover hoop.

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