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The Obama administration, through the EPA and the DOT, on Tuesday released new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that mandate a national fleet average of 54.5 MPG by the year 2025. The problem with that remark is that steam engines may indeed play an important role in America’s energy efficiency.
To be honest, though Cyclone has been pitching their engine to possibly replace the internal combustion engine as a motive force for automobiles, it seems that another application of Cyclone’s engine will likely find a market first. Ronnie Schreiber edits Cars In Depth, a realistic perspective on cars & car culture and the original 3D car site. Website that gets paid via advertising encounters slow news day, runs story about highly divisive person to make sure traffic doesn’t fall off. As for taking political rhetoric literally, it that was the case I would have asked the Romney campaign for his views on steam power. Oh, so you’re one of those guys whose going to back a Libertarian and help Obama win because you’re upset about RINOs? Romney is a congenital liar and his record is at least as liberal as Obama’s You know what he did to gun rights and healthcare in his state?
Stirling engines are pretty good in submarines and other applications where sound is mighty important, otherwise, pretty useless. Those big locomotives are pretty damn cool, but a modern coal or nuclear power plant has much bigger steam engines. I wish that operating them didnt have the environmental and climate side effects, but their value and awesomeness is real too.
That figure was the result of negotiations with automakers, state officials and environmental activists.

A Rankine cycle engine uses external sources of heat for power, which means that as long there are enough BTU available, you can use just about any heat source. Obama reacted to the Romney campaign’s criticism by dissing Romney and steam engines, I asked Cyclone Power Technologies for their reaction.
I don’t know if today was a slow news day or not, since I was busy helping my daughter and a friend of mine playing chauffeur. I recently posted video of firing up a Stanley Steamer at the Concours of America over on Cars In Depth.
They are very low specific energy engines, just not really powerful enough for practical use. We use water for the same reason, though its high thermal mass and inertia is an efficiency bonus over air as the working fluid – and while not entirely free, the additional cost is negligible. If the 3D thing freaks you out, don’t worry, all the photo and video players in use at the site have mono options. I wrote 90% of the piece last night, called Cyclone for a response, spoke to their president and had to wait for him and their PR people to put together an official response, which came after noon.
I have a pdf of a report from GM about two steam engine powered prototypes they worked on around the same time that Lear was working on his. During a heat wave I asked a friend of mine who is a physicist why we can’t use the heat delta between ground water and the air temp to run a Stirling engine with a generator. All the Stirling engines I have seen compare unfavorably to everything except radiometers when it comes to actually doing work, while live steam is awe inspiring for the amount of work it can perform.
President Obama responded by implying that Romney was some kind of 19th century Luddite, suggesting that the former Massachusetts prefers steam engines.

An image search with the terms 4-6-6-4 or 4-8-8-4 will yield the most powerful prime movers ever used in land transport.
Well, to give you an example, a typical gasoline engine might have a thermal efficiency of 25%.
The guys in front of the stage will applaud everything and anything, so what they think doesn’t matter.
That means that 75% of the energy is wasted as heat, mostly in the form of hot exhaust gases. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also looking into using the Cyclone engine as a power source for battlefield robots that could live off the land and refuel themselves by foraging for biomass to burn.
No process is 100% efficient so that kind of waste heat is generated in a wide variety of industrial processes. Cyclone Power claims that their Waste Heat Engine (WHE) can run on heat as low as 500 degrees F. That means that it can recover energy, spin a dynamo and generate electricity from a variety of sources, like industrial ovens and furnaces, landfill, refinery and other industrial waste gas flares, biomass combustion, and even the exhaust of internal combustion engines, both stationary and those used to power vehicles.
Even if Cyclone’s steam engine proves to be impractical as an automotive power plant, wide scale use of waste heat engines could significantly improve the energy efficiency of American industry.

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