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But as nice as the motor was, DaCobraman decided it was time to change the motor for something that was more useful on the street. This entry was posted in classic cars for sale, cobras for sale, muscle cars for sale and tagged bam427, broward auto mall, classic cars for sale, david wood, richard winters.
We are a nation of car lovers and have played a massive part in automotive innovation over the last 100 years.
So it”s clear to see the UK played a huge part in the motor industry and produced some awesome cars that today we are proud to call classics.
Classic car shows and village fetes are as popular today as they”ve always been and a great excuse for proud owners to show of their bit of automotive history.

Also owning a classic car is a fantastic hobby and pastime that gets you out of the house, doing something tangible with your hands and also widens your social circles by meeting like-minded people that turn into friends. There are plenty of affordable classic cars for sale from just a few hundred pounds that will give you a lot of pleasure. We're very excited here at Trade Classics to welcome the newest member of our editorial team; Mike Atwal. Mike was previously the General Manager at Classic Car Club London for nearly 8 years and brings a wealth of experience to the team. Mike will attend all our our shows over the year - simply complete our registration form to let us know you're interested and we'll keep you on our database and get in touch nearer the time.

It”s with all this history and genuine love for keeping tradition alive that we have so many of our wonderful classic cars still in existence. And he has been buying, selling, trading and consigning classic cars for quite sometime now.

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