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A parking spot in Sydney’s CBD is now for sale at $400,000 — money that could buy a fleet of six brand new 3-series BMWs or roughly 27 first class return trips to London. It’s also roughly the same price as a three-bedroom house with a garage in Western Sydney suburb Willmot, near Blacktown. The gargantuan asking price makes the CBD property easily Australia’s most expensive parking spot on the market. Situated in a residential building on Bond Street, the parking spot was listed last year for $330,000, but owner Terrence Chua has since bumped up the price by $70,000. The parking spot is one of the few in the city that can park two cars, one behind the other.
It is being sold on a separate title, implying the future owner would not need to live in the building.
Website founder Francis Armstrong said Sydney’s parking prices are the most expensive in the country.
George Street, which Bond Street joins up with, is the country’s most sought after road to find parking, followed by Kent Street, further data showed.
Joining the Bond Street parking bay among the city’s most expensive car parks is a 15sq m spot in Potts Point for sale at $195,000.
Turning used cars for sale to quick cash can be possible with a little help from traditional and modern marketing methods. Cash for cars are the ones that are making the car industries enriched and popular for the car lovers. Describe the better condition of the car, reveal the added features of the car you are selling and the u add-ons that you have added.
When deciding for the car price, also consider how old is your car and its current market value, because the price of a car used for a year or more varies according to its age. In this modern time, selling cars is not as difficult as it used to be before the entry of used vehicle dealers in the market. This entry was posted in Cars for Sale and tagged cars for sale, cash for cars, cash for cars sydney, Used Cars, used cars for sale on July 2, 2014 by Marie.

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle, you most likely imagine the right amount of price for your car.
Before bringing your car to the car buyer’s facility, make sure your mechanic checks out the vehicle before cash trades hands. If you want to check the market value of your car, go to the car dealer where you have purchased your car and let them asses the current market value of your car. If you want to advertise your car online to get interested buyers, you can post on Craigslist, eBay, or the local classified. This entry was posted in Cars for Sale and tagged cars for sale, cash for cars, cash for cars sydney on July 1, 2014 by Marie. Contact Us for a Quote!NSW DG Cash for Cars will pay you cash for your car - a fair price for a quick sale - any car year model 2000 and newer. NSW DG Cash for Cars Sydney AreaNSW DG Cash for Cars will pay you cash for your car - a fair price for a quick sale - any car year model 2000 and newer. These days also, the online sales of cars have rocked the industries as online sales are having so many benefits that can be earned by the buyers as well as the sellers.
When selling your car in Sydney, make sure that the car you are going to sell is in good condition and require little or no mechanic work. Most car dealers and buyers are looking for a no older than five year car models, because they are still in good condition and more likely still a bit expensive.
And in most cases, you have to be with them when this happens to ensure the safety of your car.
Although they may not be the ones who are interested to buy the vehicle, they might know someone or cash for Cars Company who’s actually looking for one. But ever since they have forayed into the auto market, selling cars in market has become a lot easier. Good condition second hand cars are very much in demand in the market today and most people prefer to buy them because they are less expensive than the new ones. Remember to take good photos of the car’s inside and outside views to get some interested buyers.

You can save a lot of money, time and avoid the pressure sales that you encounter at a car dealership.
The above article has provided all you should know on how to obtain the best deal for cars for sale.
There is an advantage of buying certified pre-owned vehicles from a car dealer; you can buy the car at a lesser price. For new car sellers, it is expected that the dealer will bargain with you and persuade you to lower your price, but this is not possible with car dealers of used ones.
Whether you are looking for a buyer of your car or you are looking for car to buy, the car dealers in the market can make it happen for you in the easiest possible manner.
When you find the car dealer you want, check for the services that they offer and you may either want to contact them online or go directly to them if they have a facility in your local area. Prepare the necessary documents that you might night in case a buyer inquires about your car. If you understand what the dealer is offering, you will be more apt to negotiate successfully.
This is the reason why the number of vehicles on the streets is increasing with every passing day. It is vital that you know what to do and you have the complete documents you need when you are selling a car.
If you can get to them, you can bring the car that you are meant to sell and have them asses it.
But with the increased of the demand in the market, the confusion regarding the most potent model in the minds of modern customers has increased significantly and they have been wondering everywhere for the model of their choice.

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