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A classic car show organised in secret for an ill enthusiast has been so well received by locals that they have asked for it to become an annual event.
This vehicle has been manufactured by the Fiat Factory in the Former Yugoslavia by Zastava under Fiat Licence, the engine is in perfect condition. The booming sports car market of the 1950s and early 1960s sent many manufacturers scrambling to the drawing boards to come up with cars that could appeal to young buyers especially those in the red-hot American market. 1988 Dodge daytona pacifica - $$1500 - Turbo Dodge Forums : Turbo Dodge Forum for Turbo Mopars, Shelbys, Dodge Daytona, Dodge SRT-4, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Omni and more! I just bought 4 cars from one guy and I really only wanted the 88 CSX-T so this car is for sale. Once I get the car to my shop and on the lift I will take some pics of the under side and interior. I will be replacing the fuel tank, all rubber fuel lines, fuel filter, and pump today, the only reason im changing the tank is because i have one with a pump in it from a turbo shadow and i pulled the pump out of this one and its pretty nasty. Buffed the car out real quick, Paint is not in the best shape but it looks way better now, thats for sure.
The British seemed to have the formula figured out with their simple and robust little sporting cars that looked great didn't cost much but perhaps lacked a bit of refinement.
I am picking it up this week and am going to start cleaning it up and will try to find a matching rim so there is a good set of 4. Not to bad for how old it is but there is a little spot in the rear driver and pass side rocker in the wheel well and a spot in the pass side wheel well, and a spot on a driver side floor pan.

The Germans had their own ideas though the Porsche 356 was still seen as a bit of an oddity with its air-cooled engine slung out behind the rear axle. Italian cars were seen as fragile exotic jewels meant for wealthy daredevil racers or suave playboys. Though Fiat was a major player in Europe they were all but left out of the sports car market in North America. They had a successful relationship with Fiat tuner and racing legend Abarth but offered little in the way of a comfortable affordable grand-touringsports car that could appeal to the average consumer. Thanks to the arrival of the 1500-cc overhead valve four-cylinder engine in 1962 Fiat's sports car drought was about to end.Based on the new 80 horsepower engine (83-hp from 1966) the Fiat 1500 Cabriolet was a conventional sports car with its engine laid out longitudinally driving the rear wheels with disc brakes on the front axle. The standard Fiat 1500 was a basic mid-market saloon car but the Coupe and Cabriolet variants were treated to elegant Pininfarina coachwork.
The styling seemed to borrow heavily from the Ferrari 250GT - which is certainly not a bad thing.
Clean crisp lines were complimented by a roomy cabin generous boot and an easily folded cabriolet top. The fully-trimmed cabin featured roll up windows courtesy lights finely detailed instrumentation adjustable bucket seats locking steering column clock cigarette lighter and many other features gave the little Fiat a distinct upmarket feel when compared to its British competition.
Inspite of its advantages Fiat was late to the show and sales weren't as brisk as they hoped the 1500 being replaced by the twin-cam 124 in 1967.We are very pleased to present such a wonderful example of this rare and unusual sporting Fiat.
This genuine and true California black-plate 1500 Cabriolet has survived remarkably well when so many others succumbed to rust in harsher climates.

A car built in small numbers to begin with only a handful of them survive today and fewer still are as fine as this.
This 1966 model features the upgraded 83 horsepower engine mated to a smooth-shifting four-speed manual transmission good for 100 mph performance.
It is presented in delightfully fine condition inside and out in a gorgeous color scheme of medium gray over red leather with a striking red convertible top a color scheme ideally suited to the crisp Pininfarina styling. The exterior is very well detailed with headlamp stoneguards very good chrome and stainless trim proper polished wheel covers on correctsteel wheels and correct Pirelli rubber.In the luxurious cabin the leather and carpet are in very fine condition wonderfully restored and well balanced against excellent original instruments and switchgear.
From behind the wood-rimmed Nardi wheel it is easy to get lost in the fantasy that this may somehow be a baby 250 PF Cabriolet - the egg crate grille and subtle PF badges on the flanks just add to the daydream.Under the forward-hinged bonnet lies the robust 1500-cc overhead valve engine.
This engine powered Fiats and their variants all over Europe and proved to be a tough little unit that delivered good performance easy servicing and buckets of character. Breathing through a Weber carburetor and with a sports exhaust it takes on a mild sporting edge and delivers very respectable performance.
The engine bay is tidy and very well presented with some original surfaces still intact and displaying a charming no-fuss feel.Honest remarkably straight and hugely charming this little Fiat is sure toplease. It is meticulously presented and surely one of the finest most handsome examples of its kind available.

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