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We can also service your entertainment needs with our impressive selection of affordable and exciting inflatable games. I haven't been to a train show for awhile but sometimes you could buy these and including the postwar ones for as low as $3. There is a Grand Trunk Western Two-bay open hopper that has to be an expensive classic, since I have never seen one in person.
In the early years of MPC they used whatever parts they had found in the old Lionel factories. Sir James I: I agree that when Lionel changed hands, the folks at MPC used up left over parts where ever possible. The 9041 Hershey short boxcar was first released in ’70 along with the 9041 Wheaties short boxcar.

The variation in color that I saw in them was so slight that I would guess it to be from variations in the manufacturing process. They are a little bit higher priced on average than the Cheap Classics on Mike's list, but still doable on a budget. In the case of the 9079 Grand Trunk  Western (coming up soon), it had a single production year appearing in only one set. I highly suggest replacing the plastic pins that hold the trucks to the body with #8 bolts and nyloc nuts.
Adjust the nut a so that the truck can wobble a little but so it doesn't derail over uneven track. In the photo below the AAR style truck is shown on the left and the Symington-Wayne style truck on the right.

There is no other car cheaper and easier to find in large quantity if you are persistent and patient. Each issue is filled with articles about building, operating and refining toy train layouts.Magazineline1 Year, 9 issues Classic Toy Trains Magazine is an excellent source of information on Lionel, MTH, Atlas O, American Flyer and other toy trains manufactured from 1900 to the present. Each issue is filled with photos and diagrams that show readers how to build, operate, and enhance toy train layouts.
Classic Toy Trains Magazine also features track plans, repair and maintenance tips, profiles of collectible trains, and more.

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