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The accessibility of public transportation in Chicago is one of the reasons that the city has continued to grow. The CTA runs the rapid transit trains over a variety of routes, constructed over a hundred year period. As the railroad center of the nation, Chicago was hub to the extensive nationwide passenger rail system in the golden age of passenger trains, using six major downtown terminals, and connecting the entire country.
Public bus and rail transportation in chicago is operated by Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). We don't repeat this information here because the most up-to-date info can be found oon CTA's website, see links below. Several maps showing the train and bus lines including information about how to use the public transportation system.

There are more than 150 CTA bus routes in the city that cover more than 2,200 miles of road. The CTA alone has created many jobs in the city, not to mention all the business that has developed near CTA rail stations and bus routes. The only public transportation system in the United States that is larger is New York City's. There are over 200 miles of rail throughout Chicago that provide service over 140 stations.
Traffic congestion has led to a large walking population that depends on public transportation to move around the city. The services that the CTA provide to the residents of Chicago are invaluable to their daily lives.

If you are a visitor to the city, you will no doubt appreciate how easy it is to travel about the city on the CTA. Taking public transportation in Chicago is a very viable option since the streets and expressways are often very crowded.

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