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The answer is yes as the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced they have partnered to extend reduced CTA fares for CPS students.
The extension is by an additional 30 minutes each day for the full school day, ensuring that students won’t need to choose between taking advantage of the reduced fare and participating in after-school sports or clubs.
This extension went into effect on Monday, August 13, the first day back to school for CPS students in Track E schools. John is the author of an award-winning book, the 2010 Winner of the USA National Best Book award for African-American studies, published by The Elevator Group Mr. John PrestaChicago City Hall ExaminerJohn Presta is a journalist with expertise in politics and business finance. The accessibility of public transportation in Chicago is one of the reasons that the city has continued to grow. Well we weathered not only the aforementioned blizzard but, getting hit with the flu the week before Christmas, too. My husband and I figured we could use a break from the auto insurance payments and any car payments at all, not to mention the feeling of throwing our money away on fuel. We have the option of going downtown or other highly congested neighborhoods without the hassle of dropping loads of cash on parking or worrying how long we can stay in our parking space. It's that time of the year, as the Chicago Transit Authority has unveiled its new budget including plans to raise fares once again. Capital Program of Projects and the Financial Plan for 2011 and 2012, along with proposed fare increases and service reductions. Today is Chicagoland Car free Day and over 1,000 Chicagoans have already pledged to go car free and travel by foot, bus, train, or bike today to support more environmentally friendly transportation.
Location: Seneca Playlot Park, 228 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, ILWhat is Chicagoland Car free Day? Why would anyone in their right mind do away with the American dream of owning their own car in a modern city like Chicago, only to contend with potentially crowded trains and late buses? We at Green Parent Chicago were curious too, so we rounded up the answers to those questions from the CTA, Pace and Metra's posted rules online. It left some students wondering if the longer school day would also mean longer times for the "student reduced fares" on the CTA. The agency has provided reduced rides to students since 1983 under a provision of the Metropolitan Transit Act.
There are more than 150 CTA bus routes in the city that cover more than 2,200 miles of road.

The CTA alone has created many jobs in the city, not to mention all the business that has developed near CTA rail stations and bus routes.
We could have replaced it, by taking the total loss check from our insurer and signing ourselves right up into another car loan. We know plenty of families personally who don't own a car and we knew it was possible for us.
No fights about it, no whining, no late night snack runs, no buses off schedule, no tired legs.
Public hearings will be held on the city's north, south and west sides to allow comment by the public on the proposed plans. We at Green Parent Chicago are partnering with the Active Transportation Alliance and organizing a family get together to help moms, dads and caregivers try out other travel options with kids for the day. If you no longer bought into the idea that auto ownership equals achievement and status, grew frustrated with the associated costs and obligation, or tired of the fuel burning emissions your car adds to the environment, then it’s easy to see how going carless could make perfect sense. Most regular, two-wheeled bikes fit into these racks.Motor powered bikes are not allowed at any time.
Students can receive reduced rate fare cards through contacting their school or by calling (312) 932-2923.
The only public transportation system in the United States that is larger is New York City's.
There are over 200 miles of rail throughout Chicago that provide service over 140 stations.
Traffic congestion has led to a large walking population that depends on public transportation to move around the city. But we had just finished paying off our now demolished 2002 Honda Civic after some 7 years, including several years leasing it. In the long term, our kids are learning a lot about street safety, the people in their neighborhood and the city and being exposed to  different experiences that will help shape who they become and what they think when they become adults. Active Transportation Alliance lists several events on their website around town today in celebration of Chicagoland Car free Day. Other bikes may be carried on CTA buses at all times in bus bike racks, every day, all year.
And is anything being done to shift more travelers over to American rail lines from cars and planes?-- Jeffrey Orenstein, Bradenton, FLIt’s true that train travel is one of the lowest impact ways to get from point to point short of walking, jogging or bicycling. The services that the CTA provide to the residents of Chicago are invaluable to their daily lives.

Well here we are a few months later, with what we hope is most of the Chicago winter behind us, including one massive blizzard that dumped over 20 inches of snow and blasted us all with 70 mph wind gusts.
It was about the only time I sort of wished we had a car to take my daughter to our doctor halfway across the city for a checkup.
But, I'll take them anyday to gridlock, being on the receiving end of road rage, or an accident caused by a driver more interested in social networking than the steering wheel in front of his or her face.
Children ages 12 and 13 must be accompanied by adult when bringing their bike on CTA buses and trains.
In the early part of the 20th century, with car and air travel both in their infancies, taking the train was really the only practical way for Americans to get from city to city. If you are a visitor to the city, you will no doubt appreciate how easy it is to travel about the city on the CTA.
A quick phone call and a visit to a nearby doctor instead, though not ideal, helped confirm that all was well. They get plenty of exercise walking to and from the bus stop and especially the train station, which is a good 4 blocks from our house at least. Taking public transportation in Chicago is a very viable option since the streets and expressways are often very crowded. Rothstein pondered the idea of going car free for about a year before making the switch in 2005. So if rain happens to dampen our day, you'll still have some good options when you get down there. Rothstein begins the book by helping readers determine the true costs of auto ownership, while weighing the pros and cons of ditching the hunk of junk based on your lifestyle. Subsequent chapters include details on city biking, planning travel times, and physical considerations when commuting by bike or on foot. By 1965 only 10,000 rail passenger cars were in operation across just 75,000 miles of track.
Whether you are looking to reduce your driving time, are already living car free, or looking for an excellent guide for traversing the city and suburbs the more healthy and environmentally friendly way, Carless in Chicago is an indispensable read for Chicago travelers.

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