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Unveiled last month with a new face and without a V8 engine, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator made its public debut at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show last week, where the manufacturer displayed two examples of the SUV that will rival the brand new Cadillac Escalade. Standard features will include leather and wood steering wheel and push-button start, while a Reserve Package will add ultra-luxurious leather, a leather-wrapped dashboard, Ziricote wood trim and 22-inch polished wheels. Perfectly located in the heart of the posh neighbourhood known as the Gold Coast is this gem of a hotel.
Just a few steps away in the next room is a fun, game filled hangout lounge complete with free games and a casual cafe.  While some hotels lack a lobby worthy of your free time, Public wants you to take advantage of all it has to offer.
Ian Schrager’s latest hotel brand leaves behind the velvet rope but still offers plenty of high design touches.
When PUBLIC Chicago opened last October in the legendary Ambassador East, it marked a new era in the boutique hotel design world. Although PUBLIC Chicago features a grand lobby where guests and visitors congregate, the guest room furnishings focus on comfort as much as style, like the line-covered armchairs that are replicas of one Schrager found in a Parisian flea market. The Pump Room was ground zero for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Paul Newman. What really separates the new PUBLIC brand is the “cheap chic” concept of cutting out all the extras; Wi-Fi is free and there is an “Express” room-service menu of Vongerichten’s gourmet meals at non-luxury prices and with no room service charges.
193 Chicago elementary schools not safe from closing Sun Times: It’s not quite “The List” of schools slated for closing or consolidation by June.
CPS removes high schools, high-performing schools from target listTribune: Chicago Public Schools chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett has taken high schools and high-performing schools off the table for potential closings, following the recommendations of a commission set up to study the issue. CPS wants pre-Labor Day start for school year Sun Times: Chicago public schools will start classes on Aug.
CPS considering single school calendar Tribune: Chicago Public Schools students would be on the same calendar in the coming year, one that begins Aug. CPS Introduces New District-Wide Schedule, As Classes Will Start in August DNAI: District announces public meetings on school closings starting later this month.
CPS Parents File Formal State Complaint Against UNO Charter Schools DNAI: Reformers asked the state inspector general to probe the schools' finances. Parents Say King Principal Made Sexually Explicit Comments DNAI: Parents concerned an emphasis on discipline is coming at the expense of respect at King College Prep. New Reading Standards Aim To Prep Kids For College — But At What Cost?NPR: Almost the entire country has signed onto the Common Core Standards Initiative. According to CPS data, 17 high schools are more than 50% underutilized and have hefty price tags for maintenance and repair, including 7 with price tags of more than $30 million for upkeep.
I have been working with a list of about 180 schools that Catalyst believed were potential candidtates for closure.
This is going to be a very big problem finding space for self contained cluster site classrooms in consolidated schools.

I immediately thought of you and the SPED students at our school when the principal evaluations were announced.
Unless the total school scores used for evaluations have SPED and bi-lingual students' scored removed as they once were - good luck in finding a principal that will accept them! Access Living has made its position known on how we believe schools should be held accountable for the academic growth of students with disabilities. Our recommendations to the State were rejected and it was also provided to CPS which did not act on it. When we receive transfer ins from the suburbs we are always told to redo the IEP even if it was done last week. Why are special education teachers expected to use up their prep time to conduct IEP meetings, conduct observations for initials, and test students for RtI? Might I venture to say that NONE of the IEPs I've seen through CPS have been anywhere even near measurable or useful?
I would like to see some factual information and media coverage regarding charter school building costs and who gets the money. Yes, unfortunately IEPs are a big time waster in CPS: they are redundant, cumbersome, with only drop down features for some categories. The burden of bad public policy has left Chicago’s broad shoulders shrugging – here’s how to fix it.
The latest brand from Ian Schrager focuses more on timeless style rather than trendy design and ultra exclusive velvet ropes. An oversize clock and a 42-inch flatscreen TVs adorn the walls, along with a series of Jean-Baptiste Mondino photos of cows, a nod to Chicago’s famous meat market. Schrager plans to bring the Public brand to several more cities, including New York and London. But for the first time this year, Chicago Public Schools officials definitively ruled out some of the schools that will be spared from closing or consolidation.
26 this coming school year, ending a long-held practice of a post-Labor Day opening, under a proposal announced Friday. 26 — at least a week before most students now start school — and ends June 10, under a proposal the Board of Education will vote on Wednesday.
The standards incorporate more nonfiction texts across all subjects to improve reading scores. This information was in a part of the CPS document that I saw on New Year's Day, that also listed over 110 elementary schools on it under the heading of "School Actions for the 2013-2014 School Year" (CPS School Action Hit List). Close to 33% of these schools housed cluster sites for more disabled students often from out of the elementary school's intake area. This will have to be very complex analysis relating to space and closures or CPS could be in the middle of a mess come this spring.

Hopefully they will set up more schools like Beard where the SPED scores will not be punitive to the school's principal.
We suspect that having a detailed measurement system for each student that requires schools to make realistic predictions of expected growth created terror in the minds of some.
The architectural history of the Ambassador East offers the perfect backdrop for the new classic and modern hotel brand. The rooms don’t skimp on luxuries like snow-white Mongolian lambswool throws, John Pawson beds, and 300 thread-count Frette linens. The rest at this point number nearly 200 based on three recommendations that CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett approved Friday from her handpicked panel, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis. But some fear the push for nonfiction reading could lead students away from passionate engagement with literature. This was a stapled 3 page report that mention the Commission on School Utilization on the 1st page. Furthermore, if she has not yet investigated facility safety months ago, then any school closing based on such criteria is obviously political and not student-centered.
It would make it far eaiser to litigate special educaiton cases if it could be shown that school failed repeatedly to reach academic growth markers.
The few (4 in 22 years) inservices I had on IEP writing given by central office staff were embarrassing. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s recreation of the hotel’s legendary 1926 restaurant now offers simple, delicious fare like roasted beets with house-made yogurt, and crab toast with lemon aioli.
The state has had a free online IEP for years but CPS chose a cumbersome format rife with redundancies.
Tax exempt donations for public education should be used on the existing public buildings, not to fix up private buildings.
CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett also wrote that there may also be instances where a school's population is to small that it is unable to provide a robust learning environment for students.
CEO Barbara Byd-Bennett wrote that in both of these rare cases, we (CPS) reserve the right to move those students into a building that provides a safe environment conducive to learning. This means 7 high schools could be phased-out and then closed, if CPS cannot justify the cost of running them, and several high schools with small school populations could be consolidated or co-locations. Several CPS high schools are still at risk along with over 110 CPS elementary schools with some type of school actions for the 2013-2014 school year.

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