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Note: the Conservatory is located at the a€?Conservatory-Central Parka€? stop of the Green Line on the West Side of Chicago, not the a€?Garfielda€? stop on the South Side at 55th St.
For bus, taxi and automobile drop-off of passengers there is a designated drop-off area directly in front of the Conservatory's main entrance on Central Park Ave. The Garfield Park Conservatory is easily accessed by bicycle, and bike racks are provided at the entrance to the Conservatory.
Last week The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the National Association of Realtors published a study that they commissioned on the impact of public transportation on home values.
This study was actually prepared by The Center For Neighborhood Technology (CNT), which is the same organization that created the analysis that I featured in a November post on factoring transportation costs into estimates of housing affordability. Not surprisingly what comes out of all of this is that homes near public transportation probably cost more but living in those homes saves you in transportation costs.
So here are some of the specific findings from the study as it pertains to the seven county area around Chicago. The average sales price for residential properties in the Chicago region declined by nearly a third between 2006 and 2011.
These results are summarized in the graph below where the Y axis is the percent change in average residential sales prices relative to the region from 2006-11. But then they provide a really interesting map of how different locations fared during this period by route. Let's not forget that organizations like APTA and CNT have an agenda to promote public transportation so we have to take all their findings with a large nugget of salt. If you want to keep up to date on the Chicago real estate market, get an insider's view of the seamy underbelly of the real estate industry, or you just think I'm the next Kurt Vonnegut you can Subscribe to Getting Real by Email.
After 20 years in the corporate world and running an Internet company, Gary started Lucid Realty with his partner, Sari.
The burden of bad public policy has left Chicago’s broad shoulders shrugging – here’s how to fix it. Your public transportation options include the Transit systems, suburban buses, commuter Metra and Amtrak trains, tourist trolleys, water taxis, land taxis, rental cars, and of course walking.
Chicago is the third largest city is the United States, so walking everywhere will take a lot of energy and a lot of time even with many of the attractions and things to do being close together. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) - The CTA operates the second largest public transportation system in the U.S.

Suburban Buses - If you are a Chicago tourist or visitor, check out the primarily-suburban bus service that is operated by Pace. Metra Trains - The Metra trains operate eleven commuter rail lines and are the main source of transportation for many daliy commuters to Chicago. Amtrak Inter-City Trains - Inter-city train transportation is an fast and easy way to get around the city. Soldier Field Express - You can get to Solider Field from Chicago many different ways, but the easiest would have to be taking the Soldier Field Express. Bicycling - Riding your bike in the city is becoming more popular as time goes on and there are many great bike paths along the lake and of course downtown.
Water Taxis - Enjoy the many great views of the city from the water as well as some of the fastest public transportation in Chicago. Driving in Chicago - If you were thinking about bringing your car on your visit to Chicago, I would consider doing so only if you really need to. Chicago Car Rentals - If you're flying into Chicago, car rentals can be found at the airport if you plan on using the car everyday during your visit, or you can just rent a car for the times when you require it, both ways work fine. City Maps - When visiting Chicago and using our public transportation, you'll need a GPS or some other kind of map to get your bearings, so you can find the places you need to get to. Central Park Ave., 10 minutes west of downtown Chicago and easily accessible by automobile or public transportation.
The study is entitled The New Real Estate Mantra: Location Near Public Transportation and it's thesis is that homes near public transportation fared much better during the bursting of the housing bubble than the average home in the same region. The concept in that analysis is that the cost of a home isn't just what you pay for a home but also what it costs you to travel FROM that home over the course of a year. In fact, I have heard that whatever you save in home prices by moving farther out you will probably end up losing in higher transportation costs.
In the map below dark green represents a 75% or greater better performance than the region with yellow being 0 to -50% and brown being below -50%.
The company provides full service, while discounting commissions for sellers and giving buyers rebates. If you are planning on visiting the city, you'll appreciate the convenience, which will make your visit much easier - so please leave your car at home!
Buses leave stations starting 2 hours before game time between Ogilvie Transportation Ctr., Union Station & Soldier Field, until 30 minutes after kickoff.

If you plan on using the taxis as a main source of transportation when youa€™re in the city, make sure you have enough money because the cost add up quick.
Chicago water taxis take passengers back and forth along the Chicago River with many stops such as Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, Adams Street, and other stops. Our narrow winding streets filled with people walking everywhere, the high costs of parking, and of course, all the "crazy drivers" that can be found all over the city will just waste time. There are many great maps that you kind find online such as Mapquest, but throughout the city, there are many places where you can pick up maps that point out key locations to make finding where you need to go much easier.
We can only assume that if the region went down by 50% and a particular area declined by 20% then that area outperformed the region by 30%.
Well, not only do the green locations pretty much follow the ritzier neighborhoods that we know did really well but the yellow and brown locations follow the poorer neighborhoods that we know didn't do so well. The CTA operates 24 hours a day and is the public transportation option used by most visitors to the city. Also, because Metra trains are mainly a commuter rail service, frequent service is really only given during the rush hours. Parking garages are everywhere, however, they can cost a fortune before you know it, and parking meters can be hard to come by and still cost a small fortune if you do manage to find a free one.
For public transportation information view one of the following Chicago Transit Authority links.
The fact of the matter is that many of my clients will explicitly look for properties that are "close to the el" so I have to believe with that higher demand comes higher prices. So how did they adjust for the neighborhood affect and how could you possibly conclude from this that proximity to public transportation helped home values? Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Travel two blocks north past the Garfield Park Golden Dome field house and the Lake Street public transit line.

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