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Chicago, like any big city, has its share of traffic issues and it can sometimes be very frustrating traveling through the city by car. To submit additional information or corrections for this page, please contact the CVGS Webmaster. Not to mention the scarcity of street parking and the ever increasing costs of parking garages if you're staying at a downtown hotel, and Chicago public transportation starts to look like a great choice for getting around.
While the CTA has somewhat of a confusing fare system, believe me, it is still infinitely easier than trying to find a parking spot along Michigan Avenue.Chicago Train and Bus Maps and RoutesThe CTA offers a complete system map online, in both HTML and PDF formats.

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The colored lines indicate a train or subway, and are generally referred to as their indicated color (Red Line, Blue Line, etc.).
A quick look at a map of the Chicago train system, and you can see that it spiders out from downtown and is your best bet for getting to most of your Chicago destinations.
The CTA is always attempting to streamline their operation, so train and bus intervals can vary depending on time of day and route -- especially overnight.

Once downtown, explore such attractions as the Art Institute, Museum Campus or Millennium Park.

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