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Traveler’s from far and wide want to know where the Ghost Busters Firehouse and other buildings are located.
However, if you would like a guided tour experience, On Location Tours offers several bus and walking tours of TV and film locations in the Big Apple, several which include Ghost Busters stops. The parking lot at the corner of West Broadway and North Moore was a staging area for the film. According to a Movoto Real Estate blog that covers fictional properties, the Busters would have to pay almost $17 million for this property today! At the firehouse, you could even pick up a NY Fire Department t-shirt with a Ghostbusters logo on it.
For more movie sights in the area, take our self-guided walk of Lower Manhattan film locations. The building is only 19 stories and the script called for a taller building, 27 floors, so the art department created paintings of the extra floors and the temple. The taller building behind 55 was completely painted out entirely and the structure to the left was painted shorter. The apartment building is just a few blocks away from Lincoln Center, the Dakota Apartments and Strawberry Fields as well as Central Park.
NY Public Library -where the Lions come to life at the beginning of the film, though the library interiors were actually filmed at the Los Angeles Central Library. Columbia University –  After Venkman, Stantz, Spenkler(played by Bill  Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Harold Ramis, respectively) get fired from their University posts in the Parapsychology department(no, there is not a parapsychology department at Columbia University…at least that we know of!!)  and hatch their plan  to become ghost busters.
And if you want more ghosts, head to Prince St and Greene St in Soho to see where Ghost was filmed!
It’s just a few blocks north of the 59th Street Columbus Circle Subway Station (1,B and C trains). In the film,  Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver) and Louis Tully (played by Rick Moranis) live on the 22nd floor, aka Spook Central. Although the interiors of the building, including the fire-poles, Ecto storage, containment unit, etc. 23 in Los Angeles, the firemen here at Hook and Ladder Company #8 are known to be super welcoming to visitors.

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