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If you want to see your kid’s face light up, then the perfect gift is a Christmas train set. The Illuminated electric train sets celebrate Christmas from the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to the magic of Disney and the beloved PEANUTS Gang.  Crafted with solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels, the train sets are precision scaled to run on HO gauge track and feature locomotives and passenger cars that really light up to vividly showcase the dynamic themes and artwork. Each one of our collectible model trains includes a FREE track set and power pack, and many include a speed controller and extra train accessories, with additional values of up to $100. Santa shown above avalable at our store, this set includes Music and Light Train Activated Santa as shown above. Complete like new Limited Edition Ultimate LGB German Christmas Starter Set + Bonus Animated Santa with Track Contact and Loco Magnet for train automated sound. All lighting is voltage regulated for full lighting at even slow train speeds or full lighting at all times with power by MTS or DCC.
An LGB power pack and track clips are provided to set up and run your train in minutes - no experience needed! Have fun placing the 16 snow covered Christmas trees and 8 nutcracker figures around the track.
Christmas Animated Santa by the fireplace that plays a 'Joy to the World' when your train passes over the brass track contact. This item is no longer available from dealers and is hard to find and rare in this condition.
Connect the 12 pieces of track included with this set to form a circle about 4 feet in diameter. Shourt Line Track Contact: Place the track contact under any track tie where you want the Santa to be activated.
On the flat side of the SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet there is an adhesive pad with red protective cover.
Santa figure by fireplace (shown above) also included with this set Santa installs in seconds by placing the brass tube under the center of any railroad tie - when the train passes over the Santa will light up and play music. All 8 Nutcracker figures shown above come with this set - perfect for decorating your railroad or tree! This version of the Animated Santa does not come with this set but is availabel at our store. Christmas villages go back over a century, but in most households they faded in popularity when houses lost their parlors and the television took over the living room. This page will answer a few basic questions about trains for your holiday village, then list links where you can go for more information and project ideas. Towns - Most name-brand Christmas village structures average between 4.5" - 8" in all directions, with a few pieces up to 9" or 10" tall. Trains - The two kinds of trains that work best with Christmas villages can fit a track circle into 38". For detailed information on the scales of Christmas trains please see our article "Sizes and Scales of Big Christmas Trains". Before 1900 - For many years, families made their own structures for their Christmas displays. In the late 1800s, folks started adding German-manufactured candyboxes shaped like houses in their Christmas displays. 1905 - 1939 - When electric trains became popular, their manufacturers made buildings and accessories that also found their way to Christmas displays, usually along with the trains. 1929 - 1965 - Japanese-made cardboard houses with holes in the back for lights became common.

For more detailed historical information, check out the Family Christmas Online™ article A Brief History of Christmas Villages. You Can Make Your Own - If you like the vintage look of the old cardboard or tinplate houses, we have a wealth of free projects and resources for replicating either look on your own Christmas village or railroad. Our buyer's guides include many specialized collectible Christmas Village collections from Hawthorne Village(r), including villages inspired by the work of Thomas Kinkade(r) and Norman Rockwell, the shows It's a Wonderful Life and Andy of Mayberry, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer(r), brand names like Coca Cola(r), John Deer(r), Disney(r), and many more besides. Not many folks are up to building their own trains for their Christmas village (if you are, let me know, and I'll talk to you about a feature article).
O gauge Train Sets - These sets, mostly made by Lionel, include sets with Christmas colors and sets with realistic railroad names, which are actually more traditional, if you think about it. Bachmann-branded On30 train sets are sold in a box with track and power supply, ready to run.
Hawthorne Village On30 train collections are sold a piece at a time, like most of their collections.
Bachmann On30 and Hawthorne Village trains are 100% compatible - they use the same track, couplers, and power supplies. O gauge and On30 trains can run on the same railroad - they just can't run on the same track. So don't let "paralysis by analysis" cause you to put off ordering a train for your Christmas village until it's too late. Check out the Bachmann On30 reversable street car set shown on our On30 Christmas Trains page.
Scales and Gauges - They're not the Same - A detailed description of the difference between scales like O and HO and gauges like O gauge, On30, HO gauge, HOn36, and so on.
Sizes and Scales of Big Christmas Trains - Contains similar content to this one, but includes content about Christmas trains for trees and public displays, as well as holiday villages.
A Brief History of Christmas Villages - Describes the centuries-old tradition, with information about resources currently available. Department 56(r) Village Trains - A review of porcelain train sculptures and real electric trains that have been sold under the name Dept. Sizes and Scales of Big Indoor Trains - Which trains are best for an indoor O scale railroad? The following articles from our collection have free instructions and plans for inexpensive projects that will look great on your holiday village or railroad. In addition, you can help by sending us project tips, article ideas, and photos of your railroads and villages. Here's a series of projects that pay "Tribute to Tinplate," based on the tinplated-steel trains and towns of a century ago. Combining Trains and Towns - Why combining collectible village pieces and model trains is a growing and rewarding hobby.
Portable (Foam-Based) Indoor Displays - Using a foam-based portable scenic foundation to display your trains and towns to their best advantage. Easy Indoor Lakes and Rivers - How to get the effect of waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and streams on both temporary and permanent indoor railroads and display villages. Free Scenery Set Pieces - Add a vertical dimension to your holiday village for little or no investment.
Easy Homemade Trees - How to make realistic and inexpensive trees using (mostly) natural materials. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Paul D.

Discuss LEGO created themes like Friends, City, Ninjago, Minifigures, Elves, Ultra Agents, Creator, Exclusives, Mindstorms, Technic and Architecture. Ebjazzz sent us pictures of the upcoming LEGO Store Calendar for October 2015 a few days ago. Toys N Bricks A Midi-Size LEGO Community with coverage of LEGO Sales, News, MOCs and Reviews.
You could probably turn the train into one of those rideable miniature scale trains for use in the WV:That's what I immediately thought of the first time I saw it, but as a stand-alone build without modification it really doesn't fit the theme. Sound is provided by a musical santa activated by a loco magnet that you can affix to any of the cars to trigger the sound and animation.
Place in the center of the tie or if you choose to place the loco magnet off center, do the same with the track contact. 56(r) introduced their ceramic and porcelain Christmas village houses, dozens of other brands have come in and out of the business. These are getting harder to come by - all the suppliers I usually link to are sold out, but they're worth tracking down. Free downloadable commercial-grade graphics and instructions will help you inexpensively add an authentic vintage look to any indoor railroad. Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter!*Please do not PM this account as you will not get a response. Re-issuing an old Winter set and doing only one exclusive holiday promo that is not even minifig scale.
If you want this loco magnet to work with other track contacts place on the center line of the loco otherwise place off center and do the same with the track contact by placing under the track in the same off center position. Eventually they added several other "collections," featuring different times, places, and themes. For that reason, our Family Garden Trains™ site has a whole article dedicated just to that subject. Most projects have multiple pre-scaled plans and graphics, so you can easily add a vintage look to any railroad or holiday village. In the calendar, there's the usual offer of the free collectible poster and also the double VIP points promotion that we mentioned earlier. The length of the magnet must be parallel to placement of the track contact included with the set.. We also provide instructions for making scenic accessories that go with any Christmas village. Like the Hawthorne Village collections, they include collections inspired by Thomas Kinkade(r), Norman Rockwell, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer(r), Coca Cola(r), Disney(r), and many more besides. You can get the train with purchases of $99 or more from October 13 to November 13, 2015 at LEGO Brand Stores or Shop at Home. When they look back on all the holidays, finding a Christmas tree train set running under the tree will be one of their fondest memories.

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