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The Chuggington Interactive Railway Wash & Fuel Set brings to life the animated series through its 33-piece set by Learning Curve. At the Chug Wash, Brewster the train will say, “Wash up!” and respond to different wash cycles. Note: The author viewed products and met with Learning Curve at the Time to Play toy event in New York City.
It is always a pleasure to see when my little dude gets excited after listening to the trains interacting.
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The power is out and to prevent the ice cream from melting Brewster heads to the Ice Cave for ice. Unlike many standard train track sets, this one features SmartTalk™ technology – the Chuggington engines actually recognize and talk to one another. At the Fuel Depot he’ll exclaim, “Time to fill up!” When this set is used with other Chuggington interactive products it boasts over 175 sounds and phrases. The Wash & Fuel Set includes Brewster the train, Chug Wash, Fuel Depot, signal gate, overhead signal, and tracks. Author did not receive any other compensation. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

My son’s room are not enough to set up this toy so everytime he plays it, we just let him assemble and play it on the front yard.
Shedding my corporate marketing days to raise two young children and to pursue a writing career, I write through a bicultural mama's lens on all things related to parenting, culture, food and travel. Kids can collect other Chuggington interactive sets and connect them to make a huge fun playset.
Join him on an exciting journey as one of Chuggington's favorite trainees supplies carloads of fun to young engineers.

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