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In the pages of CLASSIC TOY TRAINS magazine you'll find information about building, operating, and enhancing toy train layouts; track plans, repair and maintenance tips, profiles of collectible postwar and prewar trains, and more. From very common to very rare, there’s much more to these S gauge models than first meets your eye.
Lionel’s series of round-base animated accessories pack plenty of action in a modest space. Installing an uncoupling coil on O gauge track calls for only a few supplies and materials, including an Atlas uncoupling track, a motor tool, and glue. Lionel’s displays and layouts left an unforgettable impression on those who used viewed them in stores from the 1920s through 1960s. WE RECOMMEND contacting the layout proprietor in advance to confirm that schedules and fees haven't changed since we compiled this list, and also to find out whether the facility is accessible to handicapped visitors.

Today, it’s difficult to find these displays layouts, and collectors pay as much as $10,000 to acquire them. If you're planning a cross-country vacation, a visit to relatives, or just some long weekends, this index is your guide to finding the nation's best toy train displays.
This 1116-page high-quality keepsake shows you why these layouts are so remarkable, and why they’re cherished by Lionel fans everywhere.
The O gauge outfit features can-style motors, coil couplers, directional lighting, a smoke unit, and ProtoSound 3.0. 20402-1 Great Northern, 20403-1 Lackawanna, and 20404-1 Soo Line A-B-A sets, each of which is priced at $799.95. It features a rigid plastic base, exterior LED lights, traditional barn signage, and farm figures such as cows and Jack the German shepherd.

This locomotive, owned by countless shortline and industrial railroads, offered thrifty freight operations and unparalleled visibility for the crew. The O gauge model features a die-cast metal frame and trucks, dual flywheel-equipped motors, LED lighting, and a TrueBlast Plus polyphonic sound system with prime mover, horn, and bell sounds.

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