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If you've been following the Toy Collector Audi Centenary celebrations since the kickoff, you'll already be aware of CMC Model Cars, since CMC made the very first two models featured, the all-white Audi 225 Front Roadster and the Audi 920 Cabriolet. The CMC factory was opened in China in 1998, with a view to fusing German precision and Chinese craftsmanship to produce some of the most intricately detailed model cars on the market today.
The underside of the CMC Audi 225 Front Roadster shows the intricate detailing that goes into creating the model. Body panels are hand-made from 6mm-thick copper sheeting - CMC is the first modelmaker to use this method of construction for its cars. Wire wheels are created by slotting stainless steel wire pokes into metal wheel rims, before rubber tyres are fitted. However, to complement that model and congratulate Audi on their centenary, CMC have graciously donated a further model in red-and-white to the Toy Collector Audi charity auction.
This version is limited to just 4000 pieces, and depicts the 225 Roadster in a colour scheme which it might well have been made in had it reached series production.

All CMC models are the result of exhaustive research, meticulous attention to details, precision manufacturing methods and craftsmanship.
The first models had hundreds of separate components - current models have thousands, with the Mercedes SSKL boasting a total of 1,888 separate components. Parts are made from stainless steel or copper sheeting, interiors are upholstered in genuine leather and carpeted to match the full-size cars. This includes separate brake piping, suspension components and a perfect replica of the car's wooden frame. Each body panel is formed in a mould and then soldered together to create a strong yet light model that mirrors the real cars exactly.
As with all the Toy Collector Audi auctions, all proceeds go to the Helen and Douglas House Hospice for Children and Young People. The resulting models have won around 40 awards, including numerous Model of the Year trophies.

Of the 1023 components that make up the aforementioned Type C Auto Union, 23 are zinc die-cast, 754 are metal, copper or photo-etched and 153 are plastic. The CMC Horch 853, meanwhile, featured hand-painted dashboard instruments and many dashboard switches which actually worked - as did the window winders! Working bonnet release latches folding fabric roofs and opening fuel flaps are just a few of the external features on the models, with opening bonnets, boots and doors considered standard.

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