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No this is not a mis-print, see details on the history of these and similar cars in the History of the Protoype section below. It is interesting to note the last of this series of cars was removed the tthe ACL's "Offical Roster" in 1977!
Boston and Maine for potato service, and cars that carried the Pennsy, and Chesapeake & Ohio markings as well. Con-Cor Trains,"N" Budd Passenger Cars, page #4, all cars come with metal wheelsets and choice of couplers. While the Union Pacific (M-10000) and Burlington Rt's Zephyr were zipping around on Western Rails in 1934 and attracting huge attention from the public, the New Haven was quieting building a smilar train for use on the East Coast, on it's trackage between Boston and Providence. The Comet owes much to airship design as it was designed and built by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, a consortium of the US Goodyear Corp. In a test run of of Comet in April 1935 it hit a speed of 110.5 mph which was a record for any train in New England at that time. While the Comet was built for the Boston-Providence run, it did show up on other New Haven trackage, and also was used for many excursion trips to New York City.

We are Celebrating our 50th Anniversary in March 2012, watch this space for Anniversary Sales! For instance, the four Solairum cars on the Burlington, were later sold to the Pennsylvania. When you are done browsing a subject, just click on the "Site Map" link tap at the very top right of each page to Return to this page. New Con-Cor Budd Amtrak Wave "N" Passenger Cars (Shipping Now)-Listed at bottom of Link page.
The crew at Con-Cor extend our deepest sympathies for those involved in the September 11th tragedy. A drop of Labelle #112 in the draft gear box, and on the face of working jaw couplers will help to keep them in tip-top working order, help avoid derailemts due to sticking couplers etc.
They gradually built their own line to the Pacific at Portland and later to Los Angeles in addition to spreading across the plains. All you will to do is remove the roof and mount the Lighting unit on the underside of the roof.

They proved to be an economical way to transport new automobiles from the factories to the dealerships. It had an engine at either extremity so it was not necessary to turn the train at the end of each trip. In its published timetable for the run between Boston and Providence (43.8 miles) the Comet's normal schedule was only 44 minutes.
Box ends will be marked (01) , (02) or (03) behind the Stock number to denote which Coach Number.
Many lines in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico remained 3' gauge until they were abandoned or transferred to tourist train operators. Both engines operated simultaneously by a master control, and after the train completed the run, the engineer just walked to the other end of the train for the return journey.

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